Summer Recipe – Cold Superfood Strawberry Quinoa Bowl
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Summer Recipe – Cold Superfood Strawberry Quinoa Bowl
Brandi Black, RHN

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As the weather warms up and you begin replacing your winter wardrobe with lightweight summer clothes, you may want to do the same with the superfoods in your cupboard. If you ask me, a bowl of warm, comforting oatmeal just doesn’t have the same effect on a hot summer’s day. That’s where delicious summer recipes come in, with bold flavors from your favorite superfoods that won’t weigh you down.

Warm weather requires meals that are light and cooling. Fortunately, mouthwatering fruits (such as strawberries, figs, blueberries, apricots and cherries) are in season during the summer months, which means there are plenty of easy and flavorful ways to get creative in your kitchen.

We have a great summer recipe to kick off the season. This superfood strawberry quinoa bowl is delicious, light and refreshing and contains plenty of plant based protein, antioxidant vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to keep you full for hours. The ingredients in this bowl also promote natural body detoxification, boost energy and balance blood sugar levels. Best of all, it only takes 3 minutes to put together which leaves you with more time to soak up the sunshine!

Summer Recipe: Cold Superfood Strawberry Quinoa Bowl Recipe 

- 1 cup cold cooked quinoa*
- ½ cup fresh or frozen organic strawberries, sliced
- handful walnuts or pistachios
- 1 tsp hemp hearts
- ½ tsp cinnamon (or to taste)
- handful goji berries
- unsweetened nut milk to taste (coconut, almond and rice milk all work well in this recipe)
- optional: top with 0.5 ml of Sun Wakasa Gold Plus for a revitalizing sweet and tart twist*

Time saving tip: prepare quinoa the day before and refrigerate overnight.

Place all ingredients in bowl except nut milk. Mix. Pour nut milk over top of ingredients until you've reached your desired consistency. Enjoy!

Author: Brandi Black, RHN 

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