Chlorella & Eleuthero Extracts

Supercharge your immune system
Consuming Sun Chlorella got a whole lot easier and quicker. Get all the health benefits of chlorella from our ready-to-drink extracts! Our eleuthero and chlorella extracts may help empower your body with mental clarity, physical endurance, and long-term focus—all in one tiny little shot!

    Shop Our Classic Liquid Chlorella And Eleuthero Extracts

    Sun Wakasa Gold Plus Bottle and Box
    Sun Wakasa Gold Plus
    1 Bottle

    • Cellular health and regeneration*

    • Immune system*

    • Healthy aging*

    • Recovery time between workouts by aiding in tissue repair*

    • Increase energy levels

     16.57 fl oz (490ml)


    Sun Eleuthero Extract Bottle and Box
    Sun Eleuthero Extract
    1 Bottle 

    • Your body's response to stress*

    • Renewed sense of peace and tranquility*

    • Mental and physical stamina*

    • Sustained focus and concentration*

    • Increased energy (without caffeine!)*

    33.8 fl oz (1 ltr)

    $125.27 (Reg. $196.99)

    WeLL WeLL WOW! Supplement Bottle
    Well Well Wow! Drink
    1 Bottle

    • Immune health*

    • Healthy energy levels*

    • Renewed sense of peace and tranquility*

    • A stress-free lifestyle*

    • Physical endurance*

    • CGF + eleuthero in-one!

    3.38 fl oz (100ml)


    Available on Amazon
    WeLL WeLL WOW! Supplement 10 bottles
    Well Well Wow! Drink
    10 Bottles

    • Immune health*

    • Healthy energy levels*

    • Renewed sense of peace and tranquility*

    • A stress-free lifestyle*

    • Physical endurance*

    • CGF + eleuthero in-one!

     3.38 fl oz (100ml) each


    Available on Amazon

    Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)

    Purification & cell rejuvenation

    CGF is a unique nucleotide-peptide, providing your body with a concentration of nucleic acids that help support cellular repair and renewal!*
    Our extracts contain a concentrated amount of CGF, with Sun Wakasa Gold Plus being the most potent.

    What Is Chlorella Extract?

    Chlorella Vulgaris extract is a type of green algae that is low in fat, contains protein, and rich in antioxidants. It can be taken as a dietary supplement or mixed into food as a natural purifier and cleanser.

    This herbal supplement can promote red blood cell production and heavy metal removal from our bodies. It may also boost our immune system by providing essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B12, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, and omega-3 fatty acids.


    Eleuthero Extract

    One of the most potent adaptogens!

    Eleuthero is an adaptogenic herb. It can help your body cope with and adapt to occasional stress.
    Our eleuthero comes from a plant root with concentrated potency and is not artificially cultivated like a typical eleuthero.

    What Are The Eleuthero Extract Benefits?

    Eleuthero, a.k.a. Siberian ginseng (not to be confused with Asian ginseng), is a herbal extract traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help improve energy, circulation, and immunity.

    Caffeine and stimulants only leave you feeling drained and exhausted. With Sun Chlorella extract, you can now sustain your focus without worrying about caffeine-induced blood sugar spikes and heart diseases.


    CGF + Eleuthero All-in-One

    Overall health in a ready-to-drink bottle!

    Well Well Wow! combines our signature eleuthero root and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) extracts in a single grab-and-go bottle.
    With twice the amount of eleuthero than our eleuthero tablets + CGF, this powerhouse drink will leave you feeling Well… Well… Wow!

    Our Eleuthero And Chlorella Liquid Extracts Are For You

    • If you’re an on-the-go person who prefers the convenience of chlorella in liquid form

    • If you're having a particularly demanding time at work or school

    • If you want to reap the benefits of our herbal supplements faster  

    • If you want to take your health up a couple of notches

    • If you appreciate the flavor and results of our chlorella


    Ready to experience these classic chlorella extract benefits on your own?

    Incorporate Sun Chlorella supplements into your daily routine for optimal wellness today.

    Disclaimer: Chlorella extract is generally safe for most people, but it can cause digestive upset in some.
    Consult with a healthcare provider before using our extracts, and discontinue use if any side effects occur.

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