Chlorella Growth Factor

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Rejuvenation at the cellular level

Within the cells of the chlorella plant is a unique complex called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). CGF is believed to be the secret why chlorella has survived virtually unchanged for more than a half billion years and the reason why chlorella brings so much vitality to your body.

CGF provides your body with nucleic acids, which help support overall health and well-being. The body can absorb and use these nucleic acid components directly, saving the energy that would normally be used for metabolic synthesis. Moreover, when ingesting nucleic acids as a supplement, you protect and preserve your own cellular resources thus promoting function and metabolic efficiency. *

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Every 20 to 24 hours, the chlorella plant quadruples its cell numbers.  Researchers have determined CGF is produced when chlorella undergoes intense photosynthesis for this rapid growth. All living cells need materials and nutrients in order to reproduce.  The core building blocks of cells are made of nucleic acids. Without them, cells can become irregular, leading to problems in cell reproduction and tissue repair.*

CGF also includes special polysaccharides known as beta glucans. Research indicates beta glucans play a particular role in promoting immune system health. While the identity and effects of these special compounds are still being clarified, studies have already indicated that chlorella's beta glucans can keep your immune system in peak condition and improve the integrity of your cells.* 

4 Benefits of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) 

CFG Increases energy levels.

CGF has the ability to increase energy levels because of its nucleic acid content, which is absorbed at the cellular level. This promotes an increase in energy because receiving and absorbing nucleic acid from an external food source reduces the amount of work your body must do internally to synthesize RNA and DNA. This mechanism works to conserve your body’s energy, making CGF a highly effective energy boosting supplement.*

Anti-Aging is not a myth

As we’ve briefly touched on, RNA and DNA are produced by the body for cellular repair and regeneration. Aging is linked to the decline in nucleic acid production by our bodies. The goal is to restore and replenish nucleic acids that our cells need before we reach the point where aging is most evident. By receiving nucleic acid from Chlorella Growth Factor, the body is able to utilize the RNA and DNA to work against the aging process by promoting cellular regeneration.*

A stronger immune system does more than fight colds

Have you ever wondered how to build up your immune system? CGF contains a group of polysaccharides, or special sugar molecules, called beta glucans, which have been studied for their positive impact on the immune system. Research suggests they are most efficient in boosting the immune system to protect against harmful pathogens. Your immune system governs the state of your entire health and the extent in which disease and dysfunction are widespread.*      

Tissue repair is all about how you recover 

The nucleic acids in CGF can help reduce the amount of recovery time between your workouts by aiding in tissue repair. This translates to having more resources dedicated to building muscle—or getting your gains—faster! Of course, tissue repair is also required for handling inflammation in the body and wound healing. Wounds require even more resources, which are not just bumps and bruises, but also post-surgical conditions, strains and sprains.*

Every form of chlorella supplement including our tablets, granules and powder contains Chlorella growth Factor (CGF). However, our specially formulated CGF products have a more concentrated dose of this nucleic acid rich complex. Our Sun Wakasa Gold Plus has a slightly sweet flavor with a hint of lemon and has a CGF concentration that is 132% greater than our chlorella tablets alone.  Well Well Wow! combines the power of CGF and Eleuthero extract, all in one powerful shot. Order now and enjoy!*