About Sun Chlorella 

        A great company with quality in focus


        For almost 50 years, Sun Chlorella has been recognized as a premier provider of chlorella supplements. We have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Monde Selection award, for five straight years. This highly-competitive award recognizes quality products based on their health impact, convenience, taste, environmental friendliness, labeling and overall innovation.  

        In 2013, Sun Chlorella won the Grand Gold Award, signifying that the product received a quality rating of 90-100%. Ours was the only chlorella awarded the Grand Gold Award in 2013 among several other companies’. This recognition, among others, are a testament of our commitment to quality, innovation and wellness.

        The mission of Sun Chlorella is to bring the life-affirming, nourishing nutrition of chlorella to the world. With a proactive approach to operational excellence, we promote advanced research, product development and superior quality. Our model ensures a highly positive environment that cultivates employee development, public education and customer service.

        Our History 

        • 1976: Developed our proprietary harvesting process that makes chlorella’s powerful nutrients more available without chemicals or damaging heat. Our exclusive DYNO-Mill process is able to effectively pulverize the cell wall of the chlorella which gives our product the highest level of absorption. 

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        • 1976: Sun Chlorella pioneered the extraction and concentration of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), the unique collection of compounds and nucleic acids that helps your body repair and renew itself at the cellular level. 

        • 1982: Sun Chlorella USA is established in Torrance, California, enabling greater consumer outreach, service and distribution of our acclaimed nutritional products. 

        • Mid-1990s: Sun Chlorella added a line of eleuthero products to support the body in managing stress and maintaining energy 1999: We developed a chlorella product for pets and animals, which would eventually become our popular Rejuv-A-Wafers. 

        • 2002: Sun Chlorella introduced our anti-agin skin care cream that uses chlorella’s regenerative properties of CGF to enhance the appearance and repair of skin cells

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