What to Look For When Selecting Supplements
If you're on the hunt for the ideal chlorella supplement, we're here to lend a hand in finding the highest quality option out there.
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What to Look For When Selecting Supplements
Kevin Montes

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Chlorella is an up-and-coming superfood becoming increasingly popular with health food stores and nutritionists worldwide. There are a lot of different places to get chlorella and a lot of different kinds of chlorella available. Anyone wanting to add a new supplement to their daily routine wants to ensure they get the best supplement possible. How do you know what chlorella will best meet your needs? Do you feel like choosing between different brands is just a random choice? 

Taking time to compare chlorella supplements before buying them is important. Not all chlorella supplements are created equally, and we want you to ensure you’re only getting and taking the best chlorella. 

Because chlorella is such a popular superfood, there are a lot of companies who have chosen to market it. Unfortunately, comparing supplements side-by-side doesn’t always help. There isn’t a lot of standardization between labeling chlorella for different companies, and each company’s chlorella is different. Instead of comparing chlorella labels to find the best supplement for your body, comparing chlorella companies can often yield better results. What criteria should you look for when choosing a company to purchase your next batch of chlorella from? Here are a few things we think are important.

Manufacturing Process

A lot of chlorella producers don’t discuss how their chlorella is manufactured. Sun Chlorella has a clean and efficient manufacturing process (that does not use heat or chemicals) that helps bring you the best chlorella possible.

Chlorella tablets/powder

Sun Chlorella is cultivated in Taiwan using Chlorella pyrenoidosa, the best chlorella on the market. It is cultivated outside under very sanitary conditions, with full exposure to the sun, promoting healthy growth in the chlorella. The sunlight also helps chlorella to produce the most chlorophyll and Chlorella Growth Factor possible. Sun Chlorella dries its chlorella with hot air to preserve the integrity of the chlorella before pulverizing the chlorella cell wall. Pulverized cell-wall provides the most bioavailability in terms of nutrient digestion. After that, it is carefully packaged and shipped all over the world!

NSF Certified For Sport

Another big reason Sun Chlorella is the best chlorella provider is that it is NSF Certified for Sport. The chlorella had to be tested for over 270 banned substances to become NSF Certified for Sport. Now, this certification helps athletes make better health choices. This NSF Sport Certification even helped Sun Chlorella become the official product of the La Crosse Showtime Basketball Team

Health Benefits

Sun Chlorella brings you quality chlorella for a great price. And the health benefits associated with taking chlorella daily are incredible. These little green algae are packed full of nutrients that deliver health benefits that can support the health of your whole body.

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Taking chlorella daily can help support your immune system, your gut health, your body’s detoxification system, and more! Not only does it contain vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iron, but it also contains more chlorophyll than any other plant or food!

Get Your Chlorella from Sun Chlorella

Taking chlorella daily is a great way to support your body and maintain optimal health. Many companies sell chlorella and green supplements, but no other company provides as high of a quality as Sun Chlorella. Feel the Sun Chlorella difference by trying top-quality chlorella today!

Ready to Find Your Chlorella?

You can find the best chlorella that fits your lifestyle. Sun Chlorella offers easy-to-take small tablets, larger tablets, and powder form.

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