2023 Holiday Gift Guide
Find the Perfect Present in Our Holiday Guide
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2023 Holiday Gift Guide
Kevin Montes

Elevate your holiday gifting with our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, putting health and wellness in the spotlight! From pampering pets to enhancing self-care routines, each bundle caters to every aspect of your loved ones' well-being.

Knock gift-giving out of the park this festive season with bundles designed to make it truly unforgettable! Give the gift of health and wellness this year!

Pets Are Family

Deck the halls with health and happiness for every family member, furry friends included! Introducing the "Pets Are Family Bundle" – a thoughtful gift of well-being that brings joy to both you and your beloved pets. This bundle includes a 20-day supply of Sun Chlorella 200mg tablets and Rejuv-A-Wafers, the superfood chlorella treat that will make tails wag with delight.

Rejuv-a-wafer and Chlorella tablets products displayed in a fall theme

Our tablets offer a hassle-free method to enhance your gut health, seamlessly fitting into your daily routine. Whether taken solo or with your preferred food, relish the full range of benefits chlorella can provide as a result of the maximum digestibility we've achieved through our unique DYNO®-Mill processing technique.

Give your pets the finest with our Rejuv-A-Wafers – our plant-based superfood treat packed with chlorella. Experience benefits from fresher breath to improved body odor. Watch your pets thrive with boosted energy, playfulness, a healthy coat, and skin!

Click here to take advantage of the deal. 

Immune Booster

Gift the power of immunity this holiday season. Save on our newly revamped Sun Wakasa Gold Plus, a robust immune support powerhouse, and receive a generous 100‑day supply of Sun Chlorella 200mg tablets. Make sure nothing is stopping your family from enjoying the holidays with this bundle!

Sun Wakasa Gold Plus and Chlorella Tablets displayed in a festive theme

Introducing our new and improved Sun Wakasa Gold Plus – a sleek design housing the magic of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF).  

Chlorella Growth Factor is a unique combination of nucleic acids shown to support cellular repair and renewal. Each serving of Sun Wakasa Gold Plus extracts CGF from about 400 billion chlorella cells, supercharging your well-being. While Sun Chlorella tablets and powder contain CGF, Sun Wakasa Gold Plus offers a concentrated dose for amplified health benefits.

Click here and give your loved ones the gift of health. 

Fuel & Recover

Jumpstart your loved one's well‑being with the Fuel & Recovery bundle – a dynamic duo featuring a burst of energy from Well Well Wow! and the rejuvenating touch of Sun Chlorella Powder. It's the perfect pairing to boost their energy and ensure they feel fantastic all season long!

Sun Chlorella Powder box on top of a Well Well Wow! package

Well Well Wow! is a liquid Eleuthera and Chlorella Growth Factor supplement, packaged into a convenient 3.38 oz. bottle. It offers more than double the Eleuthera found in our tablets, coupled with the power of CGF, providing a jitter-free energy boost to melt away daily stress

Our Sun Chlorella Powder supports overall health, focusing on gut and immune health with double the chlorella per serving compared to our tablets.

Click here to purchase this amazing bundle.

Stress Buster

Ease someone's holiday stress with the Stress Buster bundle. Present them with 40 days' worth of eleuthero tablets and invigorating Sun Eleuthero extract. This powerful combination guarantees they'll tackle each day with holiday cheer and a resilient spirit!

Organic Sun Eleuthero and a bottle of Eleuthero extract with holiday props

Discover the time-tested benefits of Eleuthero, an herb celebrated as an "adaptogen" for its role in helping the body cope with stress while offering replenishing mental and physical advantages. Our Organic Sun Eleuthero stands as a premier natural adaptogen, free from the jittery side effects commonly associated with caffeine or sugar. The eleutherosides, active compounds within eleuthero, contribute to fortifying the body's natural defense system, fostering physical and mental stamina, and enhancing overall well-being.

Alongside our Organic Sun Eleuthero, the Sun Eleuthero Extract amplifies those benefits by providing nearly three times more eleuthero than our tablets, delivering a concentrated and potent source of support. Enriched with the additional advantage of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), this extract revitalizes the body, ensuring a strong blend of adaptogenic power to elevate your daily well-being.

Click here and wash away all of your loved one's stresses this holiday season.

Beauty Inside & Out

Give the gift of glowing beauty this holiday season with the Beauty Inside and Out bundle, which includes a 20‑day supply of Sun Chlorella 200mg tablets and the revitalizing Sun Chlorella Cream. Encourage your loved ones to turn self‑care into a festive celebration and let their beauty radiate as brightly as the season's lights!

Sun chlorella Cream and Sun Chlorella Tablets displayed in a fall theme

Our Sun Chlorella Cream surpasses conventional skincare, boasting the remarkable Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) that not only gives a radiant, dewy glow but also evens out skin tone, leaving behind a canvas of healthy-looking skin.

Sun Chlorella tablets offer a convenient way to embrace the benefits of chlorella. Chlorella is a single-celled, freshwater green algae bursting with nutrients. These little green tablets extend their support to your body’s natural defense system, digestive system, natural purification process, and overall wellness. Packed with active B12, abundant chlorophyll, and Chlorella Growth Factor, this supplement stands as a favorite, celebrated for its high-quality nutrients.

Click here to take care of the body of your loved one both inside and out.

Radiant Skin

Treat your family and friends to the luxury of radiant skin this season! Take advantage of not just one but two Sun Chlorella Creams, enriched with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). Their skin will be nourished and hydrated, welcoming the delight of a soft, radiant, and evenly‑toned glow—ideal for embracing the winter chill.

Two containers of Sun Chlorella Cream displayed in a Fall theme

Sun Chlorella Cream goes beyond ordinary skincare by incorporating the extraordinary Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF).  Infused with additional components like clove and grapefruit seed extract, Sun Chlorella Cream offers powerful support for a flawless complexion. Suitable for all skin types and ideal for year-round use, this cream delivers a dewy finish while addressing fine lines, wrinkles, moisture retention, and hydration!

Click here and make sure those special people in your life get the best skincare possible.

Timeless Glow

Discover the perfect holiday gift with our Timeless Glow bundle—a radiant treat for your loved ones. Don't miss out on the exclusive 2‑for‑1 deal on Astarella Primetime Skin Cream. This special blend of astaxanthin and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) promises to gift them with revitalized skin.

Astarella Primetime Skin Cream containers displayed in a white holiday theme

Astarella Primetime Skin Cream is the premier beauty cream, infusing your skin with nutrients more potent than Vitamin C and Vitamin E, thanks to the unique combination of astaxanthin and CGF. We are proud to be the first to bring the power of both astaxanthin and chlorella growth factor to North America, delivering these two ingredients in one nourishing skin cream.

Astaxanthin, often hailed as “The King of Carotenoids,” is celebrated for its powerful antioxidant benefits. Paired with Chlorella Growth Factor, a unique nucleic acid complex supporting cellular repair and renewal, this cream offers a host of benefits, including a matte finish suitable for all skin types, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, locked-in hydration, improved skin suppleness, and a radiant-looking complexion. 

Click here and give the gift of ultimate skincare.

Chlorella Udon Noodles - Japanese History Collection

This holiday, treat your friends to a unique experience with our Chlorella Udon Noodles ‑ Japanese History Collection bundle. Explore different periods of Japanese history through carefully crafted designs on each package. Gift them all six exclusive designs and let them enjoy the taste of Japan's rich heritage, one bowl at a time!

Chlorella Udon Noodle packages set against a festive background

What sets our Chlorella Udon Noodles apart is not just their gorgeous packaging but also their exceptional nutritional profile. Packed with vitamins A, B2, B6, Active B12, and D, along with minerals like Magnesium and Iron, these noodles are a wholesome source of wellness. Each serving contains 2 grams of chlorella, delivering the nutritional benefits of our chlorella supplements with more chlorophyll than many other plants. These udon noodles are not just a tasty addition to your recipes; they are a nutritious choice for optimal and balanced health.

 Click here and give your loved ones a meal they will never forget. 

The Deals Don't Stop Here

Transform your holidays into a wellness celebration with our Sun Chlorella 200mg Tablets Mega Deal!

For more details on this unforgettable deal, click below.

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2023 HOLIDAY DEALS are valid until January 31st at 11:59 p.m. (PST) or while supplies last. Taxes apply. Free standard shipping on any HOLIDAY DEALS website orders applies to USA orders. $25 DDP (pay duties now) shipping applies to all Canadian orders. This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers. Sun Chlorella USA has the right to change or terminate this promotion without prior notice. No limit on purchase quantity.

All sales are final. No rain checks, exchanges, refunds, or returns are accepted.

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