Top Benefits of Fitness
25 June, 2021 by
Top Benefits of Fitness
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June 25, 2021

Everyone says that it’s important to exercise.

But why?

In this article we’ll outline 9 of the biggest benefits you’ll get out of exercising as an adult.

What Are The Benefits Of Fitness

There are a lot of benefits to staying fit into adulthood, but here are just a few of them.

1. Fitness Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight

As an adult, staying at a healthy weight is a struggle. Of course, for most people, it’s hard to keep the weight off, but for some, it’s hard to put weight on. Either way, getting into fitness, whether it’s strength training, aerobics, or some third option is a great way of burning off some excess calories. Additionally, exercise can help with muscle growth and keeps your metabolism going so that you’re able to obtain and maintain a healthy weight without having to resort to more extreme measures.

In addition, fitness is great because, all things being equal, the added muscle mass assures that, if you’re gaining, you’re at least gaining a healthier kind of weight.

2. Fitness Can Help You Improve Your Strength

Here’s a fact, improved fitness generally will result in improved musculature. Even softer fitness activities like yoga will help tone and exercise certain muscles in the body. This helps you gain additional muscle mass and become stronger than you were before.

And sure, not everyone wants to look like a bodybuilder, but most exercise won’t do that to your body. But most exercises will still make you stronger.

Strength is important because it’s what helps us do things like carry in the groceries, pick up our child, change a tire, and lift bags of dirt when we’re in the garden. So while you might not want to get super bulky, you should probably strive to become a little bit stronger every day so you can go about your day a little more easily.

3. Fitness Can Help You Strengthen Your Heart And Lungs

Fitness is also great for your heart and lungs, the organs that provide the rest of your body with oxygen. A strong cardiovascular system translates to a well-oxygenated body. Which means you’ll have more energy and better endurance. It also means that you won’t get as winded as fast and you can keep going even when others start to tire out.

4. Fitness Can Help You Strengthen Your Whole Body

We often talk about muscles and the cardiovascular system when we talk about improving your fitness, but there are so many other parts of your body that can benefit from some added exercise. For example, evidence shows that adding exercise to your daily or weekly schedule helps improve bone strength and density. Adding elements of fitness to your life can also help improve your libido as well. And exercising floods your brain with additional happy hormones which can help improve your overall sense of wellness too.

5. Improved Fitness Improves Energy

When you live a fairly sedentary life, it’s easy to feel tired all the time. This may not make sense at first because you’re not expending as much energy as someone who is really into running, lifting, or playing sports like you are.

That being said, it’s a thing.

The reason why you feel so tired is that your body is used to expending little energy. So anything that uses more energy will feel like a greater drain mentally and physically. Even if it’s just a stressful work situation that you’d handle from your desk.

Exercise helps engage your body and mind and helps you feel more accustomed to higher-energy level activities. So over time, you end up feeling more awake and alert, and day-to-day activities take a lot less out of you.

6. Fitness Is Great For Mental Health

Life can be stressful sometimes. Your boss asks a lot from you. Your bills don’t care if you need to take a sick day from work. Your kids need a stable and consistent parent whether you’re having a good day or not. Everyone wants some of your time and you only have 24 hours in a day.

And all that stress adds up.

Luckily, physical activity is a great way to release all of that stress. Not only can you work out some of your aggression (which can be therapeutic,) but you also get a big dopamine hit when you exercise. That helps you relax and feel less stressed out on a chemical level.

Between the physical act of working out your stress and the chemical de-stressing your body goes through, you’ll feel better day after day no matter what the demands of life throw your way.

7. Fitness Can Help You Sleep Better

When life gets stressful, it gets harder to sleep. And when you’re not moving a lot during the day, you probably are not that tired physically speaking by bedtime. When those two factors are combined it leads to a lot of tossing and turning at night and a lot less sleeping. And that lack of quality sleep will have a negative snowballing effect if allowed to continue for too long.

But exercise can help with that.

We already mentioned the dopamine hit you get when you exercise. This not only can help you improve your mental health in general, but it can help you feel less stressed out at night too. And the less stressed you feel, the quicker and deeper you can sleep at night.

Additionally, exercise helps you burn off all of your excess energy so you feel more tired come bedtime.

8. Fitness Can Help You Normalize Your Daily Routine

What does your daily routine look like?

Do you shower every morning? Brush your teeth? Do you read the morning paper while eating a nutritious breakfast? Or do you roll out of bed, put on the first thing you can find, and stumble out of the house five minutes late?

Daily routines can help make or break your day in more ways than one. And exercise can play an important role in that daily routine by giving you the aforementioned benefits we’ve listed. Just like how kids need recess, adults need to focus on their fitness too to make the rest of their day run smoothly.

9. Fitness Can Help Encourage You To Eat Better

When you exercise, you’re more likely to eat healthily.

Or at least you're more likely to eat healthily when it matters.

For example, if you run a couple of times a week, you're less likely to eat a lot of fast food on your lunch break, because you know that it’s going to make your run way harder later. And that could be a problem.

So instead of eating your typical fast-food favorite for lunch, you’ll possibly opt for a protein shake and some fruit. And that’ll have a positive snowball effect on your health in the long run. All because you don’t want to have problems on your run.

Sun Chlorella Can Help Optimize Your Fitness Efforts

Chlorella is filled with important nutrients that can help supercharge your fitness efforts.

So if you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits we’ve listed above by working on your fitness, consider supplementing your diet with some Sun Chlorella so you can start your new fitness habit on the right foot.
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