Sun Wakasa Plus Benefits
Learn About The Wonders of Concentrated Chlorella
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Sun Wakasa Plus Benefits
Sun Chlorella USA

Sun Chlorella® products are known for chlorella's unique nutrient, Chlorella Growth Factor. Our chlorella extract, Sun Wakasa Gold, takes this special compound and increases its concentration level. That means in Sun Wakasa Gold®, you get Chlorella Growth Factor that is 132% more concentrated than in chlorella tablets alone.

There are many Sun Wakasa Plus benefits that you get once you begin incorporating the nutritional powerhouses into your diet.
-Even more Chlorella Growth Factor than in chlorella tablets alone
-Helps you feel energized, refreshed, alert and strong
-Gives your body a mixture of nucleic acids, amino acids, beta glucans, peptides, polysaccharides among other nutrients
-Plus, the taste is delicious!

The Power of Chlorella Growth Factor

The richness of Chlorella Growth Factor is one of the best of Sun Wakasa's benefits. This special complex could be a major reason why chlorella has survived for millennia.

Chlorella grows and reproduces at an incredibly rapid pace. Chlorella Growth Factor seems to be critical for this fast regeneration. This same ability to regenerate quickly because of the Chlorella Growth Factor can also help revitalize your body when you starting using Sun Chlorella products.

Chlorella Growth Factor gives your body nucleic acid materials; Nucleic acids support your overall health and well-being.

The nucleic acid concentration in Chlorella Growth Factor gives your body nourishment for healthy cell reproduction; this helps to keep your body working like the well-oiled machine it is. Chlorella Growth Factor is also known for its beta glucans, which may play a role in immune system health.

Try adding Sun Wakasa Gold to a glass of water or hot mug of tea.

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