Sun Eleuthero's Benefits
Find Out About The Wonderful Benefits of Eleuthero
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Sun Eleuthero's Benefits
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Sun Eleuthero’s benefits are strong and powerful when it comes to supporting and nourishing good health. In the 16th century, a pharmacologist and physician named Li Shih-Chen said, I would rather take a handful of eleuthero than a cartload of gold and jewels.[1]

Clearly, he thought this was something powerful indeed!

Eleuthero, including that found in Sun Eleuthero®, is classified as an adaptogenic herb, a sophisticated group of plants. Unlike many other herbs, adaptogenic herbs seem to have the ability to work subtly with your body in a systemic way to increase your overall health. They are thought to help your body adapt to the changes in the environment, and they can be used safely over a long period of time. This is why traditional Chinese Medicine classifies these beneficial herbs as superior herbs.

Although adaptogens are considered superior, eleuthero was especially beneficial, considered a ruler among adaptogens. Chinese herbalists also call it the king among herbs because of its importance, complexity and safe properties.

Chinese herbalists haven’t been the only ones fascinated with the benefits of eleuthero. Starting in the 1960s, Soviet scientists honed in on eleuthero that grows in the Siberian forests; this was supposed to be the way to cement Soviet superiority.

They used eleuthero to boost worker productivity, strengthen the army, help athletes get stronger, among other things; Soviet astronauts even took it into space.

The Soviets were so impressed with eleuthero’s benefits that they made some of their research around the herb classified; they didn’t want their closely guarded state secret getting out.

Eventually, though, word spread, and more and more physicians, researchers, sports physiologists and anti-aging experts added their own studies to the mix.

It’s the subject of articles by researchers in Germany, Sweden, China, Armenia, Korea, England, Japan and the United States [2]. And it continues to fascinate scientists, doctors and holistic practitioners thanks to its exceptional health benefits.

The Benefits of Sun Eleuthero®

This remarkable herb is thought to help your body deal with one of the biggest health challenges we all face: stress.
- Sun Eleuthero® seems to help your body adapt to stress and make your stress response more efficient
- It supports memory and help you stay clear-headed
- It seems to help you enjoy sustained energy without the jitters or energy roller coasters of stimulants like caffeine. Sun Eleuthero® cannot get rid of the sources of stress in your life; rather, it helps to strengthen your body, energizing it and helping you stay calm under pressure.


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