Sun Chlorella History
A Brief Introduction to the Company and its Beginnings
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Sun Chlorella History
Kevin Montes

Our story starts with our founder, Hideo Nakayama, and his road to discovering health and vitality. A friend suggested he try Chlorella, and within three weeks, he was seeing positive results.

Determined by his survival and newly discovered health, Mr. Nakayama wanted to share Chlorella with the world. If it had helped him in his time of despair, surely it must have helped others. He left his engineering business to start a company with the mission of spreading the word about Chlorella to whoever would listen.

Sun Chlorella Powder and Tablets

He began Sun Chlorella Corp. with just a storefront in 1969 but felt too limited by the four walls. He started advertising in newspapers and producing educational materials to reach more people. This way he could communicate Chlorella's latest research plus share his customers' reviews of Chlorella with others who could benefit from the blue-green algae's immense benefits. Now almost half a century later, Sun Chlorella has grown into an international corporation with offices throughout the world, and Mr. Nakayama's products have reached millions. And the rest is Sun Chlorella history.

Sun Chlorella USA's History

What we now know as Sun Chlorella USA began as Sun Chlorella Corp. of California Inc. in 1982. After spending six months researching Chlorella intensively, a scientist named George Higashida came to the U.S. with Chlorella samples and brochures. Over time he built relationships within the natural health industry that helped build the foundation for Sun Chlorella USA.

Organic Sun Eleuthero Tablets

Sun Chlorella USA now has its headquarters in Irvine, California. Since its founding, the company has developed various products bursting with good-for-you Chlorella and Eleuthero (some even formulated for pets!). From Sun Chlorella tablets to Sun Eleuthero extract, Sun Chlorella has a full spectrum of offerings that help round out any lifestyle. 

Ready to Find Your Chlorella?

Find your best chlorella that fits your lifestyle. Sun Chlorella offers easy-to-take small tablets, larger tablets, and powder form.


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