Japanese Beauty Secrets That May Support Your Skin Appearance
Discover Chlorella and Astaxanthin and How You Can Incorporate Them Into Your Beauty Routine
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Japanese Beauty Secrets That May Support Your Skin Appearance
Aiko Jin

Your skin is the largest and most visible organ of your body. It is our first line of defense from potential microbial intruders that may make us sick and the first thing people notice about us regarding our appearance.

Age takes a toll on the whole body, but its impact on the skin is difficult to hide. Young and supple skin creates new cells and repairs damaged ones, but over time, this renewal cycle begins to falter. The wrinkles, sagging, and discoloration that may come with age reveal not just the passage of time but that our skin may be losing the appearance of looking healthy.

Like the rest of your body, your skin needs the right care, moisture, and nourishment to look its best. That’s the aim behind a unique and deeply nourishing skin cream called Astarella Primetime Skin Cream. Research has shown that its ingredients can help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate skin tissue.

The two main ingredients of Astarella Primetime Skin Cream are treasured in Japan for their ability to help support healthy-looking skin. They are chlorella and astaxanthin.

These ingredients are also treasured among dermatologists who understand their worth. In a special report on Astarella Primetime Skin Cream called “The Amazing Japanese Skin Care Secret,” board-certified dermatologist and winner of the “Top Doc” award in dermatology Dr. Andrew Racette calls Astarella “a must-have for any person who wants to age gracefully and has beautiful-looking skin.”

Chlorella Growth Factor

One glowing ingredient in Astarella Primetime Skin Cream comes from Chlorella, a nutrient-rich plant. What is this special chlorella component?  

Chlorella Growth Factor, or CGF. CGF is a constituent component of chlorella produced during photosynthesis, which is why CGF is called the “Life Force” of chlorella.

Chlorella Growth Factor clinical study result

According to Racette, CGF’s benefits have been shown in multiple human clinical studies using middle-aged women. In these studies, dermatologists found that CGF can help reduce the visibility of wrinkles and improve moisture retention, resulting in firmer, younger-looking, more healthy-looking skin.

“Most exciting of all, the women in these studies noticed improvements very quickly,” writes Racette.

According to one of these studies, women who started using a CGF cream noticed healthier-looking skin as early as two weeks into treatment. Results were visible for nine out of 10 women.


The other powerful ingredient in Astarella is called astaxanthin—a ruddy pigment that belongs to a group of compounds called carotenoids. Astaxanthin gives salmon, lobster, and shrimp their red color, and it is also found in some algae.

But astaxanthin is more than just a pretty color astaxanthin may promote a more balanced skin tone by nourishing your skin cells and supporting a more radiant-looking complexion.

But not all astaxanthin is created equally. Most of the astaxanthin on the market is a synthetic version made from petrochemicals.  It may be cheaper to produce, but synthesized versions of astaxanthin are weaker than the natural stuff extracted from micro algae.

Deeply Moisturizing

Good nutrition is not the only factor in supporting healthy-looking skin. Another big part of what keeps skin looking young is how much moisture it can hold. As we age, our bodies can’t retain moisture like they used to. 

In addition to CGF and astaxanthin, Astarella Primetime Skin Cream is formulated with other ingredients that help draw moisture into the skin. These include unrefined shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, and grapefruit peel oil.

What you won’t find in Astarella are artificial colors, artificial fragrances, or parabens.

Dr. Racette recommends that his patients use Astarella cream daily. They can wear it overnight or during the day to protect their skin from losing moisture in dry environments. He says Astarella cream is effective skincare that he can feel good about recommending.

Astarella Primetime Skin Cream and Sun Chlorella Cream

Astaxanthin & CGF

Try or Chlorella Growth Factor skincare products. Astarella Primetime Skin Cream & Sun Chlorella Cream!


                  Author: Aiko Jin
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