Holistic Medicine: The Best Cure Is Inside Of You
By: Dr. Mark Drucker
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Holistic Medicine: The Best Cure Is Inside Of You
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A few months ago I heard a beautiful and miraculous story . . .

Radio personality Howard Stern and his wife, Beth, regularly take in stray cats to foster until they can find homes. One of the cats who came through their doors was diagnosed with serious heart problems. The veterinarian didn't give him more than a few months to live.

Dismayed, the couple decided to adopt him and give their feline friend a good life for the few months remaining to him. Little did they know this cat had his own plan for a cure . . .

A few weeks later they took in a litter of stray kittens. And, much to their amazement, their heartsick cat jumped in with them and immediately took on the role of Papa Cat. Hestarted cleaning the kittens and caring for them like a good cat parent.

He was so devoted to these little kittens, he wouldn't leave them. He made sure they ate before he did. And slept inside with them.

This went on for months. In fact it went on for months beyond when the veterinarian had predicted the cat would die. Before long, their formerly heartsick cat was off his heart medications. And he continues to thrive.

This story of healing through engagement and a sense of purpose warms my heart. But it goes much further. It's a great illustration of how we can heal ourselves without the help of conventional medicine and instead focus on holistic medicine and its healing benefits.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine puts too much emphasis on interventions like surgery and drugs when the best healing power is right under our noses.

I've practiced medicine for over 3 decades. And at this point I can firmly say, the best medicine is inside of each of us.Certainly, medical interventions have helped people in many ways and saved lives. But when it comes down to it, our bodies contain chemical and engineering wonders no pharmaceutical or medical device company has yet to match.

The challenge is finding the right way to harness this healing power.

Scientifically Documented Spontaneous Healing

From torn ACL injuries to cancer, science has documented literally thousands of cases of people who healed themselves without the intervention of surgery or pharmaceuticals.

In 1993, the Institute of Noetic Sciences published a book compiling 3,500 cases of people curing themselves from seemingly incurable diseases, like stage 4 cancer, without the help of medical intervention.

Many conventional doctors call these cases anomalies. Often medical researchers warn these cases of spontaneous healing should not be studied lest they give people false hope for healing without medical intervention.But a growing minority of doctors and medical researchers are demanding these cases be given the respect and attention they deserve. Increasingly health experts are wondering what we can learn from these situations. And how they may offer better options for our patients.

For example, in 2012, researchers documented 12 cases of athletes who had suffered torn ACL's and recovered without any intervention. In all of these cases, surgery had been planned but delayed for various reasons.

According to the study authors, the conventional wisdom is that no one can heal a torn ACL without surgery. Yet these patients not only recovered but have resumed their full athletic activities. [2]

In her book, Radical Remission, cancer researcher Dr. Kelly Turner interviewed 100 cancer survivors and documented 1,000 cases of spontaneous remission from cancer. She estimates that for every documented case of spontaneous healing there are 100 that go undocumented. Turner reports on her website she was shocked no one in the medical world was researching spontaneous remissions. And consequently she felt compelled to research this and publish what she found. [3]

As Thomas Jessey wrote in a 2011 article on spontaneous remission from cancer published in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine,"In our relentless efforts to go beyond nature to fight cancer, we often overlook the facts nature provides to heal our maladies.[4]

You Need To Take Charge To Heal Yourself

Certainly, these documented cases underscore what I've seen in my own practice. People have a tremendous ability to heal themselves.

However, I should be clear: Even though these cases are usually called spontaneous, there's nothing spontaneous about them.

Dr. Turner reported in each case she studied, the person took an active role in their health.

You can't simply sit back and wait for your body to take over and fix itself. No, in each and every case, people stop doing things that are harming their health. And they start doing things that support the body's optimum performance.

Turner also reported, each of the cancer survivors she interviewed tapped into the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing that comprise holistic medicine. They all:
1. Invested in their social wellbeing;
2. Had faith and belief in their body's healing ability.
3. Had a strong sense of purpose and a reason to live;
4. Trusted their intuition; and finally
5. Maintained a healthy emotional state by releasing negative emotions and nurturing positive ones.[5]

Dr. Turner is right. The power of the mind is one of the most neglected tools for healing when it comes to conventional medicine.

She also noted that people consistently made big changes in how they ate and what supplements they took. This segues with the 7 steps I've used for years as a guide for how people can turn things around and transform their health with holistic medicine.

Dr. Drucker's 7 Steps To Optimum Health

Over and over again I've seen people use these 7 steps to realize excellent health:

Step #1: Stop bombing the body with toxins and allergens

Toxins we absorb through our skin, breathe in from our air, and ingest in our food and water can do tremendous damage to our bodies. The more you can keep toxins out of your life, the easier it is on your body.

Step #2: Detoxify your body and cleanse it thoroughly

While you can reduce toxic exposure, you can't eliminate them completely from your life. By eating cleansing foods, like chlorella, drinking lots of water and using other detox strategies, you can help your body get rid of this junk much more effectively.

Step #3: Desensitize allergens and unblock pathways

Allergens trigger an immune response. When your immune system overreacts, inflammation flares up and pathways for healing close down. But you can change how your body reacts to allergens. Our immune system can learn to relax and consequently reduce the level of inflammation in our body.

How do you do this? One of your best allies is probiotic bacteria. These helpful bacteria seem to coach your immune system to relax rather than overreact. Many of my patients have also used acupuncture to unblock pathways and manage their immune response better.

Step #4: Biochemical and nutritional support

Just like a construction project, your body needs the right materials to build itself up and function. Simply put, nutrition is how your body acquires these materials it needs to heal. Feed yourself good food and your body can fuel its activities, build new tissue, produce essential biochemicals like enzymes, and much, much more.

Step #5: Align and balance body structures

Imbalanced muscles can throw off your body's architecture and put strain and stress on certain organs.

Many of my patients work with osteopaths or chiropractors to help bring their body back to balance and proper alignment. These changes can eliminate aches and pains and help your whole body work better over the long run.

Step #6: Eliminate microorganisms

We need the friendly microorganisms in our body like probiotic bacteria. But we could do without the bad ones like parasites, pathogenic bacteria and fungi, like Candida albicans.

How do we eliminate these trespassers? By strengthening our immune system and building up our internal probiotic communities. Chlorella does an excellent job in both counts.

Step #7: Rebuild and restore

This last step is an important one - one that many people overlook. Often people start to make some healthy life changes and expect immediate results. But holistic healing also requires what I like to call the "tincture of time”. Make healthy changes. And then give your body time to put these changes to work for you

About Mark Drucker, M.D.
Dr. Mark Drucker earned his Medical degree and Bachelor of Sciences degree from the University of Tennessee. Dr. Drucker began his medical career 23 years ago specializing in nutritional and natural medicine. Dr. Drucker is co-host of the popular radio talk show "Health Talk, A Second Opinion,"is a distinguished speaker on natural health topics, and is the co-founder and Medical Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine. He is a certified member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine, the American Academy of General Physicians, and a Diplomat Candidate of the American Board of Chelation Therapy, as well as a fellow member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

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