Do You Need More Nutrients? Adding Chlorella to Your Diet May Help
By Aiko Jin
28 August, 2018 by
Do You Need More Nutrients? Adding Chlorella to Your Diet May Help
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Updated June 5, 2020 

Everything we put into our body either adds to or takes away from our health. There is a growing interest to find the best foods, or the newest diet, or anything that can give your body the extra edge it needs to stay fit and healthy. Vitamins, superfoods, and supplements are all things that can be beneficial to your overall health. But which ones are the best? Is there one superfood that you should consider more than others?   
While there are a lot of different options to choose from, one superfood to consider is chlorella. This single-celled freshwater green algae is a nutritious superfood supplement. Chlorella is one of the highest concentrated natural sources of chlorophyll , and is one of the only known plant sources of active Vitamin B12. Chlorella also contains nucleic acids. These nucleic acids, together with Chlorella Growth Factor (a unique DNA and RNA complex) can support normal cell growth and assist in cellular repair.    
Another reason people love taking Chlorella is that it can help support your body’s immune system. Life is hard, and at times, very stressful. As the stress of your daily life wears on you, your body’s natural defense system may not be performing at its best. Chlorella works with your body to support the immune system.   
In addition to bringing nutrients into your body, chlorella can also help your body carry out unwanted materials which we are exposed to through the air we breathe, our food and more.  While these are usually harmless in small doses, larger doses of unwanted materials can have a detrimental effect on your health. Chlorella works to support your body’s natural purification process.   
With the addition of extra nutrients, chlorella can help support a healthy blood pressure and cholesterol already in healthy range. Both of these things are really important.  
Chlorella may also act as antioxidant. The chlorophyll, and some other key nutrients (like beta-carotene) can act as antioxidants, helping to protect our cells from free-radical damage.    
Sun Chlorella has always provided the most digestible chlorella on the market. We do this by harvesting only Chlorella pyrenoidosa along with our unique processing method. We pulverize the cell wall of the chlorella, creating an easily digestible form of chlorella that’s able to provide your body with the best nutrition possible. 
We know that if you’re looking for an easy way to add more nutrients into your life, chlorella is the way to go. Adding a supplement from Sun Chlorella into your diet may be a big help in bringing you the nutrients you need.


Aiko Jin 


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