Adaptogenic Herbs & Stress
Improve your cognitive function and mental focus with Organic Sun Eleuthero.
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Adaptogenic Herbs & Stress
Vanessa Burris

Stress is one of the most common words in our vocabulary, just as it’s one of the most common root causes of illness and disease.

Thankfully, nature has provided precisely designed stress solutions to support your health and wellness through adaptogenic herbs, namely Organic Sun Eleuthero.

What Are Adaptogenic Herbs?

Adaptogenic herbs are an intelligent class of herbs used widely in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help the body cope or "adapt” to stressful situations. Adaptogens can effectively counteract stress because they support the body's adrenal glands. The adrenal glands regulate the body's stress response by releasing hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. When stress hormones are constantly released due to stressful situations or circumstances, you're guaranteed to head straight for exhaustion, fatigue, and burnout. Stress taxes your adrenal glands and reduces their ability to function properly. This is why taking proper stress-supportive nutritional supplements, such as Organic Sun Eleuthero, is important.

Supporting your adrenal glands with an adaptogenic herb like Organic Sun Eleuthero will provide your body with a protective shield against stress, so to speak.

The Hidden Causes of Stress

The modern-day lifestyle is a breeding ground for stress. When we’re not juggling our demanding full-time jobs, our lifestyles can contribute to the stress that we experience, and it can have a negative impact on our health and wellness.

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In addition to a hectic lifestyle, our bodies experience other forms of stress that we may not always be aware of.

Nutritional stress exists from dehydration, a lack of nourishing, mineral-rich foods, and the absence of supportive adaptogenic herbs. Instead, we have highly acidic diets comprised of sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Unsurprisingly, we reach for the highly addictive sugar and caffeine daily to boost our energy levels while later sedating our worn-out nervous systems with alcohol.

We also experience environmental stress from air pollution and physical stress from over-exercising or under-exercising. In addition, our fearful thoughts that may surround the pressures in our lives (such as relationships or finances) can suppress the functioning of all organ systems.

As you can see, the cause and effect of stress is an overwhelming topic at best. Organic Sun Eleuthero nutritional supplements can help negate this process's detrimental effects on your mind, physical body, and energy daily.

Organic Sun Eleuthero: The Ultimate Stress Coping Mechanism

Imagine a herb that can help improve cognitive function, endurance, and mental focus under intense pressure, and there you have Organic Sun Eleuthero.

Organic Sun Eleuthero Product

By helping to increase the body’s oxygen uptake, Organic Sun Eleuthero revitalizes the entire body and has the proven ability to reduce the fatigue associated with stress. As you can see, there's reason to be excited about Organic Sun Eleuthero as one of the best up-and-coming natural energy supplements.

If you’re wondering why Organic Sun Eleuthero is superior to other adaptogenic herbs, the origin of its growth has much to do with it. Organic Sun Eleuthero grows in mineral-rich soil and thrives in environments free from environmental pollution and pesticides.

Other Uses of Organic Sun Eleuthero

In addition to stress relief, mental focus, cognitive function, and endurance, Organic Sun Eleuthero can be an immune system booster for colds and flu. It can also reduce the length of recovery time for high-performance athletes.

The impressive health benefits of Organic Sun Eleuthero make it one of the best supplements for energy and an ideal nutritional supplement for your health and wellness.

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