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About Sun Chlorella
Sun Chlorella USA

What Is So Special About Sun Chlorella USA?
Sun Chlorella USA manufactures and sells the world's premier chlorella and eleuthero supplementsOur vision is the belief that health is something we are each responsible for throughout our daily efforts. With the help of Sun Chlorella USA, this goal of ultimate health and wellness is easier to achieve.

Chlorella is a freshwater single-celled green alga that offers one of the richest nutritional packages available. A nutrient-dense whole food, chlorella gives your body the nourishment it needs for strength and wellbeing. Chlorella has the highest concentration of chlorophyll you'll find in a plant [1], and it's one of the only known plant sources of vitamin B12 our bodies can digest.[2] It's packed with protein and has more nucleic acids than any other food source. [3]

Our Sun Eleuthero products are made from the adaptogenic herb eleutherococcus senticosus. As an adaptagen Eleuthero is thought to help the body adjust to stress.[4] It is also associated with increasing energy and alertness without stimulation or jitters.[5]

Learn About Sun Chlorella USA's History

Since our Japan headquarters opened in 1969, with Sun Chlorella USA following in 1982, Sun Chlorella has had a simple mission: We aim to bring the life affirming, nourishing nutrition of chlorella to as many people as possible.

In our 45+-year history, we've won numerous awards, including the competitive Monde Selection five years in a row. This award recognizes quality products based on taste, health, convenience, labeling, packaging, environmental friendliness and overall innovation. Our Sun Chlorella tablets have won awards every year of entry. In 2013, Sun Chlorella won the Grand Gold Award, signifying that the product received a quality rating of 90-100%. Ours was the only chlorella awarded the Grand Gold Award in 2013 among several other companies'.

We've had other historic milestones since our founding:
1976: We found a way to pulverize the chlorella cell wall without chemicals or damaging heat, making chlorella's powerful nutrients more available. That same year, we pioneered the extraction and concentration of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), the unique collection of compounds in chlorella that helps your body repair and renew itself in minimal time.

Mid-1990s: We added eleuthero products to support the body in managing stress and maintaining energy

1999: We designed pet wafers, which would eventually become Rejuv-A-Wafers, to make chlorella's benefits available to our furry friends.

2002: We introduced our anti-aging skin care cream that uses chlorella's regenerative properties.

Every year, we heavily invest in research, education, product improvement, quality manufacturing, employee development and customer service. This enables Sun Chlorella USA to continue to learn more about Sun Chlorella's positive impact on our health.

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