How to Take Chlorella For Optimal Health Benefits
Your Ultimate Guide to Chlorella Dosage and Health Benefits
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How to Take Chlorella For Optimal Health Benefits
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Chlorella is the freshwater green algae taking the health industry by storm as the newest superfood. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), and components like beta-carotene, active B12, and iron, this micro-algae packs a powerful punch.. But it can be a challenge to unlock these chlorella health benefits with its tough cell wall.

That’s why the most oft-asked question is how to make the most of it. How to use chlorella? How many mg of chlorella per day?

So let’s clear up these confusions. From the best supplement form to the easiest ways to incorporate it into your daily routine, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you supercharge your health and wellness. 

Chlorella Benefits: An Overview

Chlorella helps to support your heart health, immune system function and natural waste elimination process*. With the health benefits of chlorella nutrients, you can help provide your body with the vitality it requires on a daily basis.


Vitamin D: Chlorella provides Vitamin D for your body to use in many ways. Vitamin D is vital for bone strength and health, as it aids the body's calcium absorption*. Its high levels of antioxidant compounds can also help neutralize free radicals and remove toxins.  

Iron: Chlorella contains iron, which supports cell renewal and regeneration. Iron boosts hemoglobin and has also been shown to reduce fatigue and support heart health. Adding more iron to your diet through your chlorella supplementation will benefit multiple facets of your body*.


Active B12: Studies found that chlorella is an excellent source of Vitamin B12. This vitamin is commonly associated with hair, skin, and nail health, but can also boost mood and energy*. Chlorella is one of the few plant sources to contain bioavailable B12, also known as Active B12, making it the perfect supplement for vegans and vegetarians.

Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll is found in all plants, but is particularly abundant in chlorella. In fact, chlorella has more chlorophyll per serving than other plants, containing up to 2-2.5 cups of spinach or kale. A study shows that chlorophyll can have an impact on cholesterol levels, reducing serum lipid risk factors like triglycerides and total cholesterol, support the body’s natural purification process and assist immune system functions.*

How to Take Chlorella

Now that you know the incredible benefits, it’s time to learn how to get chlorella into your everyday diet. 

This freshwater green algae has a hard cell wall that can’t be digested by humans. Therefore, chlorella  undergoes processing to get through the cell wall for us to absorb its benefits in the form of supplements.  


At Sun Chlorella, we use a unique process called DYNO®-Mill to pulverize the cell wall and ensure maximum digestibility. Sun Chlorella, which is available in chlorella tablets and powder, is one of the most digestible chlorella supplements on the market. Choose among the following forms of chlorella supplements and stick to what  works best for you:


Tablets: A common way to take many vitamins and supplements, Sun Chlorella provides the chlorella health benefits in convenient tablets. These can be swallowed with water or any beverage of your choice. While not required, they can also be taken with meals.  


Powder: Another common way chlorella is provided is through powder. This form allows for versatility in consumption and full control of volume. Versatile in volume and texture, it can be added to  spaghetti sauce, blended into fruit smoothies, or sprinkled over avocado toast. Many enjoy chlorella powder mixed with orange juice as it  enhances the flavor.  What’s more, this form allows you to conveniently plan  how much and when to take your chlorella powder supplement. 


Other: Sun Chlorella provides alternate products that can be used or rotated with your chlorella supplements.  Chlorella Udon Noodles are nutritious noodles that can be incorporated into your favorite recipes or used to create a new meal. For more concentrated options, check out our Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) supplement, a unique nucleotide-peptide complex that may help support cellular repair and renewal*. We also have  Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® or if you’d like to hone in on immune defenses, try  Well Well Wow!

How Much Chlorella Per Day Should You Take?

[Disclaimer: Regular intake of chlorella supplements provides the most substantial results. Serving amount and frequency vary based on many  factors, such as age, absorption capabilities, physiological reactions, and starting health levels. As usual, when starting any new health supplement, all health history and personal concerns should be addressed with a primary care physician prior to use.]  


Think of Chlorella as a tiny green key to unlock a world of health and wellness benefits. But to open the door, you need the right dosage. Too little and you won't get the full effect; too much, and it could have side effects like digestive discomfort. 

 So, what's the magic number?

Generally, chlorella is measured in milligrams or grams. Tablets usually come in 200mg or 500mg, and powders in 6-gram packs. Most adults take between 3 and 6 grams of chlorella every day, while children take an individual amount. 

Children between the ages of 2 and 15, on the other hand,  should only take the number of 200mg tablets that corresponds to their age. For example, a 3-year old  must only consume up to 3 (200mg) Sun Chlorella Tablets. However, we encourage you to consult with a pediatrician for infants below 2 years old before adding any natural vitamins or supplements to their diets. 

For children and adults alike, it’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor about their recommendations for dietary supplements based on your health history and current medical conditions. 

Taking Sun Chlorella for the First Time


Start with a small amount to give your body time to adjust to the extra nutrients in chlorella and internal-process aides. You can increase your intake  every couple of days  until you’re at your desired serving. Slowly introducing the incredible benefits of Sun Chlorella to your body slowly can result in the most optimal internal harmony and easiest system regulation. 


As you continue to take in the marvelous benefits of chlorella supplements, you can improve your overall health and wellness. Strengthen your immune system and achieve a natural waste elimination process,*. Chlorella is the superfood your body needs, and Sun Chlorella can provide the supplements you want.


Author: Marisela Corrado 

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