WELL WELL WOW! - 10 BOTTLES (3.38 fl oz. each)

WELL WELL WOW! - 10 BOTTLES (3.38 fl oz. each)

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Well Well Wow! - 10 bottles

Well Well Wow! is a delicious shot that contains eleuthero, an extract made from the adaptogenic herb, Eleutherococcus Senticosus. Well Well Wow! is a natural energy and immune defense boost that helps your body adapt to stress and changes in the environment. Changes, stimuli and events all around us cause our internal systems to react, affecting everything from clarity of thought and mood, to desire to eat. Enjoy Well Well Wow! to give your system a boost without using caffeine.

Well Well Wow! also contains chlorella growth factor (CGF), which can help speed cellular renewal safely and efficiently. With a higher concentration of nucleic acids than any other food, CGF gives your cells the key nutrients for healthy regeneration.

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