Chlorella Benefits For Hair And Skin
How Chlorella Can Help With Your Health and Skincare Routine
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Chlorella Benefits For Hair And Skin
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You’ve heard of the superfood chlorella for its amazing health benefits: supporting your natural immune system and providing a variety of helpful nutrients to your body. You already know chlorella as a plant cannot be optimally digested by humans unless the cell wall is processed (make sure to pick a pulverized cell wall chlorella over broken/cracked cell wall!), and that chlorella is available in many forms like tablets, powders, liquids, and even noodles. But did you know that chlorella may be the missing ingredient from your beauty routine?

With the many vitamins, minerals, and nucleic acids within chlorella, this superfood is positioned to affect you externally and internally. Chlorella could benefit your hair health and skin health! 

Chlorella is slowly becoming more and more recognized for its beauty benefits. Some cosmetic companies are now adding these helpful algae into their formulas to provide consumers with incredible benefits. But you don’t have to go scouring for the right product to get you the results you are looking for. Sun Chlorella has chlorella supplements to cover the health benefits you need.

Chlorophyll Benefits for Hair

Chlorella contains nucleic acids, vitamin B12, chlorophyll, and iron which all play a part in the health of your hair. Whether you are looking for more shine, thicker strength, or longer locks, the health of your hair on a cellular level is the foundation for your hair goals.

One of the main nutrients tossed around for hair health is biotin. But along with biotin, all B vitamins, including the active B12 found in chlorella, can also promote cellular health that can improve the look and feel of hair. Strong hair follicles that receive regular, fresh blood flow are a main ingredient in hair health. This blood flow provides nutrients that allow for healthy hair growth. And B vitamins, including B12, help create red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients in the blood to places like the scalp and hair follicles. Long story short, B vitamins provide important benefits for hair growth, and chlorella provides B12. Chlorella is also one of the only plant sources of a highly absorbable type of B12, or Active B12, making it extra great for vegetarians or vegans with difficulty sourcing a bioavailable form of this vitamin elsewhere.

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Like B vitamins, iron helps by supporting the creation of hemoglobin, which may also oxygenate the blood. Hemoglobin helps grow and repair cells, keeping things renewed from the inside, so the cells can focus on strengthening the outside. Iron helps with overall cell health, which includes the hair follicles responsible for what grows on your head. Sun chlorella is a good source of iron because it provides you with 28% of your daily value (per 3-gram serving). 

Unique to everyday vitamins and minerals, this freshwater algae offers more chlorophyll than most plants. Chlorophyll can help support the immune system and the body’s natural waste-elimination process. It aids in finding unwanted substances in your body and getting rid of them. Supporting the body in the functions it must perform leaves the body more energy to use elsewhere, like in your hair growth. Your body needs its critical needs met before it can worry about less critical aspects.

Nucleic acids are another important aspect of your health. The nucleic acids from Chlorella Growth Factor are an essential element of the body utilizing RNA and DNA, including renewing and revitalizing cells to create younger-looking skin and healthier-looking hair. Nucleic acid supports cellular regeneration and can be found in chlorella.

Adding chlorella supplements to your everyday life can increase the health of your cells and give you healthier-looking hair. Hair and hair follicles need regular nutrients to stay stable, and Sun Chlorella provides useful nutrients in a convenient supplement. Don’t miss out on the many perks this superfood has to offer.

Benefits of Chlorella on Skin

Just like hair, skin does more than just look pretty. The skin on your body is your largest organ and for good reason. Skin helps regulate body temperature, similar to hair, and does it on a larger scale. After all, you have more skin than hair. Your skin also acts as the sunlight collector for Vitamin D, an important nutrient for many functions. Along with receiving nutrients, the skin acts as a protection for the body against many outside irritants. From keeping bacteria outside the body to mitigating the effects of harmful UV rays, the skin provides security. So, nourishing the skin and allowing it to fulfill its responsibilities should be an important part of your life. Luckily, chlorella can help with this by providing nutrients that benefit and support the health of your cells.

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In addition to supporting hair health, the vitamin D, nucleic acid, vitamin B12, and chlorophyll found in chlorella can also play a part in the health of your skin. 

The nucleic acids in chlorella can aid your skin as much as your hair. By supporting RNA and DNA to do their innate jobs within the cell, you may be able to improve your skin health. RNA and DNA act like cell doctors, helping to repair damage and strengthen systems moving forward. The nucleic acids from Chlorella Growth Factor aid the body in supporting cellular regeneration.

Along with the nucleic acids from Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), vitamin D plays a role in the life cycle of cells. The body produces this important vitamin, but only after stimulation from sunlight. Adding chlorella to your diet can aid your body in receiving the vitamin D it needs. This can be especially useful to those whose geography only allows for small sunlight windows during certain seasons. A 3-gram serving of Sun chlorella gives you an amazing 135% of your daily value of Vitamin D!

Like with hair health, the chlorophyll in chlorella allows the body to focus better on its jobs. With more chlorophyll per gram than most plants, chlorella is an amazing source of this plant-based helper. Chlorophyll assists the body in its immune system defenses and ability to eliminate unwanted substances. Supporting the body’s routine tasks leaves more energy for less-crucial processes, like solidifying healthier-looking skin. 

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Beyond chlorella supplements, you can use Sun Chlorella application products, such as Sun Chlorella Cream and Astarella Primetime Skin Cream. Sun Chlorella skin care products are one of the first skin creams made with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), one of the richest sources of nucleic acids. This makes it an exceptional ingredient for natural skin care needs. By adding these products to your chlorella regime, you can take advantage of the benefits of chlorella, inside and out.

Overall, chlorella is nature’s finest supplement for health and wellness. Sun Chlorella wants to help you become the best possible version of yourself, from the immune system inside your body to hair and skin health. Check out Sun Chlorella’s products for both supplement intake and external application.

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