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Sun Chlorella manufactures and sells the world’s premier chlorella and eleuthero supplements. Since our opening in Japan almost 50 years ago, our health supplements have changed lives and won numerous awards, while we've become more connected to the communities we serve than ever before.

We aim to bring life affirming nourishment and wellness to all. Through independent research and study, our supplements are doing more in helping individuals improve their health. Take advantage of our Sun Chlorella products and all of our supplements, including our face creams and pet supplement, and join the millions of people all over the world who enjoy the health benefits of Sun Chlorella.

Sun Chlorella

Sun Chlorella is the #1 chlorella in the world. Our harvesting process, combined with the most nutritionally superior species of chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa), gives you more of chlorella's amazing health benefits. With two sizes of tablets, granules and powder, there are more options for your convenience. *

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Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)

Chlorella Growth Factor is a powerful extract harvested from our sun chlorella. It contains the nucleic acids DNA and RNA, which are responsible for all cellular regeneration.  When taking nucleic acids as a supplement, you preserve and boost your own metabolic resources.  With our delicious health elixirs, you can harness more of this rejuvenating supplement. *

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Sun Eleuthero is made from the adaptogenic herb Eleutherococcus senticosus and has been used for thousands of years helping the body adjust to environmental stress, which helps to increase energy and mental alertness. It works with your central nervous and hormonal systems to moderate how your body responds when you feel tense and anxious. Use our Eleuthero products to restore balance and your focus. *

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