Chlorella: The Superfood Your Entire Family Should Be Eating

Chlorella contains nutrients to support your well being at every age and life-style. Learn how your entire family can benefit from chlorella's nutrition.

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By Brandi Black, RHN

You want the best nutrition for your family. However, making sure each of their unique nutrient needs are met can seem next to impossible. Perhaps your daughter misses school by catching the flu or colds every month, and your grandma's arthritis flares up daily. Or, your son is not eating enough vegetables, something a lot us can relate to.

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Each of your family members will have unique nutritional needs for their optimal health and wellness- but the question is, how do you go about meeting them all?

While there's no "one size fits all" meal plan, or nutritional supplement, there is one green superfood that comes pretty close...

How Chlorella May Help Support Your Family Nutrition Plan

First off, I want to let you know I understand your frustration. Walking down the supplements aisle of your local health food store isn't an easy feat when you're bombarded with bottles claiming to be the next best superfood. Besides, ending up with a massive collection of ¾ full vitamin bottles that your family members still haven't finished 1 year later- well, that's not beneficial for their health or your wallet.

So, why should you add yet another superfood or nutritional supplement to your cupboard?

There's a good reason why over 10 million people in Japan take chlorella , which includes infants and toddlers to preschoolers, breastfeeding Moms and great grandparents. Let's look closer at why chlorella is one of the only superfoods that can meet your family's different nutritional needs at once- including your pets!

Chlorella May Support Your Body's Normal Inflammatory Response

Eating nutrients that help your body's normal inflammatory response is key for maintaining your family's natural wellness- and chlorella is a powerful anti-inflammatory food.

Arthritis, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and skin conditions such as acne, all have one thing in common: they're caused by inflammation.

You see, chlorella contains a plethora of nutrients that help your body's normal inflammatory response, such as omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins such as C and E, as well as all the essential amino acids needed for health and wellness.

There are two ways inflammation affects the body. As a defense mechanism, it guards against illness and disease, characterized by heat, redness, pain or swelling. This type of inflammation is called acute inflammation and occurs when you burn your finger, have a fever, or stub your toe. It's your body's way of keeping you alive. (Just think: if you never felt pain when you burnt your finger on the hot stove, you'd keep repeating the same mistake until you eventually had no fingers left).

Inflammation becomes a problem is when it's chronic, which means it's become a long-term (rather than short-term) response in your body. Chronic systemic inflammation can be caused by stress, refined sugar, allergies and food sensitivities, and diets high in processed food. Chronic inflammation wears down your immune system, and if left untreated, can trigger the onset of serious health conditions, such as an autoimmune disease, or osteoarthritis.

One study showed chlorella pyrenoidosa (which is the superior strain of chlorella that Sun Chlorella® tablets, granules and powder are made from) was efficient for reducing the inflammatory action of P.acnes, an acne causing pathogen, which suggests it may also help your body's normal inflammatory response.

Chlorella Helps Support Your Immune System

One way chlorella may boost immunity is by reducing your body's normal inflammatory response we mentioned above. Chlorella also provides several antioxidant vitamins, such as beta carotene, which promotes detoxification and the elimination of toxins that wear down immunity.

Chlorella is also a rich source of the nucleic acids, RNA and DNA, found in a nutrient called Chlorella Growth Factor (or CGF), which are needed to repair and regenerate your cells. RNA and DNA are like messengers, because they provide your cells with "instructions" on which jobs they need to do, which keeps cells functioning properly. And the healthier your cells are, the stronger your immune system will be for all ages.

We naturally produce RNA and DNA from the moment we're born, but as we get older, we produce less. As you can guess, it's critical to obtain nucleic acids from dietary sources to reduce signs of aging and illness.

Chlorella May Help Keep Gums and Teeth Healthy

As explained by Dr. Mark Drucker, healthy kids take chlorella for countless reasons, including their dental health. The reason why chlorella may help keep your family's teeth and gums healthy is because it contains a nutrient called chlorophyll- often referred to as a "dentists' best friend" because it helps freshen breath and keeps teeth and gums healthy because of its unique properties.

Dr. Drucker explains the results of a study done on chlorophyll and dental health. (You can view the full article here ):

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"In a study at the Nebraskan orphanage, Boy's Town, 589 boys took part in a "toothbrushing experiment". One group of boys used regular toothpaste dyed green with food coloring while the other group brushed with toothpaste spiked with chlorophyll.

The group brushing with chlorophyll had 58-70% improvement in dental health. This contrasts dramatically with the 28% improvement experienced by the non-chlorophyll group."

Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants their green color, and can act like an antioxidant in the body. The darker green a plant is, the more chlorophyll it contains. Chlorella is one of the highest food sources of this nutrient.

Using chlorella to improve your family's dental health (including your pets!) can be done by adding Sun Chlorella® powder to your toothpaste, by taking Sun Chlorella tablets or granules as a whole food supplement each day, and by rewarding your pet with Rejuv-A-Wafers® pet treats made from chlorella.

Chlorella May Support Your Body's Normal Detoxification Process (and Is Safe to Take During Pregnancy)

Chlorella has been widely studied for being a natural chelator, which means it can help bind to heavy metals (such as mercury, lead and dioxins) deep in the body's tissues, and safely remove them from the body.

Not only are heavy metals toxic to our systems and have links to depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome, they can also cause complications during pregnancy, and high levels have the ability to affect the development of an unborn baby.

We're exposed to heavy metals and toxins in our environment each day, by drinking unfiltered tap water, breathing in pollution and even using cosmetics, body care products and household cleaning products. This is why it's important to regularly eat foods that promote the safe elimination of toxins. Chlorella is the most studied chelating agent and is safe to take during pregnancy*.

Chlorella is also a good source of fiber, which helps promote better digestion and elimination of waste by helping move food through the GI tract.

*It's critical to check with a qualified health care practitioner before adding a new supplement to your diet.

Chlorella Promotes Increased Energy Levels

Personally, I think everyone in my family could do with a little more energy- what about you?

Due to chlorella's ability to support your body's normal detoxification process, it's a superfood you'll want to include in your green juices or smoothies to enhance their nutritional value and energy boosting benefits.

Chlorella also contains several essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for energy including active B12 : the form of vitamin B12 your body can readily use for energy. Active B12 is typically only found in animal products such as meat, chicken, eggs and dairy products, which is why chlorella is an ideal supplement for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet to meet their B12 needs as chlorella is the only pant source containing active B12.

Chlorella May Improve Cognitive Function

Since the nucleic acids, RNA and DNA, are needed for cognitive function, chlorella may be a powerful "brain food" to support memory, concentration and focus. Nucleic acids can benefit us as we age, and may also promote mental alertness in children.

As mentioned above, chlorella is also a good source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, which are a key nutrient for behavioral function, memory and overall brain performance.

As a whole food supplement, chlorella is more than a vitamin or mineral supplement. It's a living food that may support your entire family's health on countless levels, and deliver a concentrated dose of nutrition that every life stage will benefit from. Whether it's your toddler or teenager, puppy or senior pet, or mother or great-grandmother, chlorella offers your entire family the balanced combination of essential nutrients needed for vitality, energy, and good quality of life.

Important Note About Chlorella Supplements

Not all chlorella supplements are created equal. Due to chlorella's unique make-up, it has an outer shell that is indigestible by humans, and must undergo processing so we can absorb its powerful health benefits. Many varieties of chlorella use processing techniques that expose chlorella to chemicals and unsafe temperatures. This damages chlorella's delicate nutrients and leaves you with a contaminated supplement.

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When choosing a chlorella supplement, the highest quality chlorella supplements will be:

  • Pulverized Cell (Using Pressure Instead of Heat and Chemicals)

A pulverized cell wall supplement is dramatically more bioavailable than others whose process suggests broken or cracked chlorella cell wall. Pulverization techniques, such as DYNO®-Mill processing, breaks down chlorella's tough cell wall using only pressure, which increases chlorella's digestibility by 80%).

  • Tested for Heavy Metals

Chlorella can absorb heavy metals if they're present in the water it's grown in. It's important to choose a chlorella supplement that undergoes regular heavy metal batch testing. The company should have no problem providing you with reports on request. Make sure your chlorella supplement is third-party tested.

  • Packed in Safe Packaging

Many types of packaging contain BPA, an endocrine disrupting toxin found in plastic, which can contaminate the chlorella supplement.

  • Free from Fillers and Additives

The last thing your body needs is to have to detoxify from harmful additives in the chlorella supplement you're taking. High quality chlorella supplements are free from fillers and additives, such as magnesium stearate.

At Sun Chlorella USA, we take pride in our chlorella supplements because they meet- and surpass- all of these guidelines and more. Learn more about the Sun Chlorella difference.