Chlorella: Pulverized vs. Cracked Cell vs. Fermented

What are the different types of chlorella and how do they differ? By Marisela Corrado

Sun Chlorella has brought the best chlorella supplements to the market for almost 50 years. Chlorella is a single-celled, green, freshwater algae, and it’s packed full of a lot of different nutrients. It has the highest natural concentration of chlorophyll, it’s full of protein, and it’s one of the only known natural plant sources of Active Vitamin B12. Chlorella contains more nucleic acids than any other food, and has Chlorella Growth Factor, which helps DNA and RNA repair and rebuild cells.

Types of Chlorella

There are three common types of chlorella available: fermented, broken or cracked cell wall, and pulverized chlorella. Each of these has unique characteristics, but only one of them gives you the most nutrients for your body to absorb.


One lesser known form of chlorella on the market is fermented chlorella. But what makes fermented chlorella different? Fermented chlorella is grown in a sealed, sterilized, fermentation tank, in the absence of sunlight. This seems a little odd, since so much of a plant’s nutrients comes from the sun. Instead of the fermented chlorella getting nutrients from the sun, it comes from a mixture of acetic acid and glucose. This doesn’t produce the same nutrients that comes from natural photosynthesis.

Because the chlorella is fermented, it has to be heated to kill any bacteria that might be growing there. Superheating chlorella to over 120º effectively kills what little nutrients remain in the chlorella.

Cracked or Broken

Another type of chlorella available is cracked or broken cell wall chlorella. Chlorella has a hard outer shell, made up of dietary fiber. Behind the cell wall, is all the nutrients chlorella contains. While fermenting chlorella softens the cell wall, in order to access the minerals and vitamins inside, the cell wall needs to be broken. Some companies are able to crack the cell wall of chlorella, making it a little easier to access the nutrients inside. While this is better than fermented chlorella, this isn’t the best way to access the amazing nutrition packed inside a chlorella cell.


The best way to access all the nutrients contained within chlorella is to buy pulverized chlorella. Instead of softening, or breaking the cell wall, it is pulverized, essentially destroying the cell wall, giving your body easy access to a lot of amazing nutrition. Pulverized chlorella provides the highest digestibility and nutrient absorption rate of any kind of chlorella.

Pulverizing chlorella is very similar to milling wheat, which leaves all the nutrients available at peak levels for maximum absorption. There’s no addition of heat to kill any micronutrients, and the nutrients are made easily available.


Chlorella is typically hard to digest, and a lot of manufacturers don’t know how to combat this. At Sun Chlorella we pulverize the cell wall using DYNO®-Mill, which gives you instant access to all the amazing nutrients packed inside chlorella.

At Sun Chlorella, our mission is to bring the life-affirming, nourishing nutrition of chlorella to the world, and we’ve been bringing the best chlorella products to the market since 1969. We make sure that you always get the most nutrients in every bit of our chlorella products. We know that our pulverized cell wall chlorella can bring you the most nutrients possible and is the best form of chlorella on the market.

Author: Marisela Corrado