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Chlorella: Benefits for Skin & Overall Health

By Aiko Jin

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Updated May 29, 2020 

The Benefits of Chlorella 

Every part of your body can benefit from chlorella— a little green algae that rejuvenates from the inside out.  

Every aspect of our health depends on good nutrition, including our skin. Chlorella supports overall health, and thus skin health, by giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

Chlorella is packed with nutrition often lacking in our modern diet. A genuine superfood, chlorella contains chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, and more.  

Chlorella also contains chlorella growth factor (CGF) which aids in cellular health to help maintain healthy skin cells, and give the appearance of smoother, cleaner skin. 

Taken internally, chlorella can provide support to your entire body, and your largest organ, the skin. Chlorella supports your body’s natural purification process and it is thought that this helps promote the overall healthy appearance of the skin.   

Chlorella, with its antioxidant properties can help fight oxidative stress. It is thought that the unique nutritional profile of chlorella can help support the body to repair and build new cells for continual support in clear, happy skin. This antioxidant boost is often associated with a youthful glow and healthier looking skin. 


What is Chlorella? 

Despite the plant's small size, chlorella can have a big effect on our health. This tiny, single-celled algae grows in mineral-rich pools under direct sunlight for rapid production.  

These growing conditions give chlorella a higher chlorophyll content, which gives plants, and chlorella, their green color. The deep green of chlorella helps to show that this alga is one of the most concentrated source of chlorophyll known.                                       

Which Kind of Chlorella Supplement is Most Bioavailable? 

Chlorella has a lot to offer, but you want to make sure you buy a chlorella supplement that is most digestible. All the good stuff contained within this super-nutritious algae is surrounded by a tough cell wall that our digestive system has difficulty digesting.  

Supplement makers have three basic methods to choose from for tapping into chlorella’s tough cell wall: cracking it, fermenting it, or pulverizing it.  

A cracked cell wall gives our digestion a window of opportunity to get at chlorella’s nutrition. But some health experts believe cracking ultimately leaves chlorella vulnerable to oxidation and mold.  

Fermenting softens the cell wall, so it’s easier to penetrate, but it typically results in less nutritious algae. Since fermented chlorella is grown in a sealed fermentation tank, it doesn’t get the direct sunlight that it needs to make the large amounts of nutrient-rich chlorophyll. Instead, fermented chlorella gets its nutrients from a mixture of acetic acid and glucose - that’s right, sugar!  

Since the goal of a good chlorella supplement is one that gives our bodies the most access to the most nutrition, and thus more health benefits, the pulverizing method is the way to go.  

Instead of softening, or cracking the cell wall, a pulverized chlorella cell wall method allows your body full access to chlorella’s amazing nutrition. Pulverized chlorella provides the highest digestibility of any kind of chlorella. Whether you take chlorella in a powder or tablet form, make sure it is a pulverized cell wall chlorella for maximum absorption and benefit.  

Sun Chlorella has been the leading chlorella brand since 1969 and for good reason. We pioneered the utilization of dyno-mill to pulverize the chlorella cell wall. The pulverization process is very similar to milling wheat. Which leaves all the nutrients available at peak levels for maximum digestion. Still to this day, Sun Chlorella is the most digestible chlorella on the market.   


How Much Should I Take? 

In Japan, where most of the world’s chlorella is produced, chlorella can be found in foods like noodles. However, more convenient methods of chlorella consumption include a powder (to add to smoothies and other recipes) or tablets.  

Most adults are recommended to take between three- and six- grams of chlorella per day (for smoothie makers, 1 to 2 teaspoons of powder). Chlorella is also safe for kids, but as always, before starting any new supplement it is best to first consult with your doctor.  

If you are not used to having greens in your diet and if you are just starting to take chlorella, start small and work your way up to a full serving size. This gives your body time to adjust to the many nutrients chlorella offers. Chlorella is best taken with food. 


Author: Aiko Jin

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