Meet May Dubois: Avid Marathon Runner for over 30 Years
May shares the details with us on how she takes care of her health to thrive as an athlete and how she’s managed to do so for 17 plus years.
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Meet May Dubois: Avid Marathon Runner for over 30 Years
Vanessa Burris

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May Dubois - Senniro Marathon RunnerThe Sun Chlorella USA team met marathon runner and retired teacher May Dubois at the LA Marathon Expo.  

When May stopped by the Sun Chlorella booth, we were excited to learn that she’d completed over 150 marathons in the past 30 years in Los Angeles- and that she’s been taking Sun Chlorella for over 30 years! We were certainly interested in learning more about her experience as a marathon runner and how she prioritizes her health and wellness while continuing to run several marathons each year successfully.  

When speaking with May, it’s impossible to ignore the contagious enthusiasm and positivity in her voice.  

May’s First Introduction to Sun Chlorella

In 1986, May Dubois met with a friend who gave her an invaluable health and wellness tip she’d never forget.  

“Here, take this,” was the only thing her friend said as she handed May a bunch of tiny green Sun Chlorella tablets. 

May described her friend as a model and beauty nut, with youthful, glowing skin and gorgeous hair- a perfect picture of vibrant health. May trusted this woman and took her advice; she began taking Sun Chlorella tablets daily. 

May Dubois- Marathon Runner

Sun Chlorella for Athletic Support 

May’s daily routine for looking after her health and wellness consists of taking Sun Chlorella tablets and other essential vitamins and minerals. She makes no changes in this routine leading up to marathons and after running marathons. By taking these natural health supplements first thing in the morning, May is confident that she is getting all the nutrients she needs to support her health, provide her body with energy, and aid in post-marathon recovery, which she says is approximately 2-3 days. 

On average, May runs four to five marathons per year and credits her success to training consistently, taking proper supplements, eating healthfully, and setting aside an appropriate amount of time for rest and recovery. 

Sun Chlorella Isn’t Just for Athletes 

While Sun Chlorella is a great health supplement for runners, May says she credits her energy and overall health to these little green tablets. She is no longer surprised when she has high energy on an odd day when she doesn’t get adequate sleep. 

May takes a natural approach to support her joint health through nutrition and supplements. In addition, May follows general but crucial guidelines for maintaining good health, such as avoiding alcohol and smoking while sticking to a simple, nutrient-dense diet. 

May shared one important piece of information regarding supporting health through Sun Chlorella and other nutritional supplements: “Consistency is key. You cannot expect dramatic results overnight.” She also touches on the psychological aspect of good health and advises you to “go out and live a fulfilled life and do what you’re passionate about. Do not do anything at someone else's expense, and help others in need. We can do things we’re passionate about when we take good care of our health, which Sun Chlorella provides.” 

We believe May is a shining example of what she teaches. Although she’s retired from teaching, she has recently returned to UCLA to continue her French literature, philosophy, and Neuroscience education. She still runs several marathons yearly and gets plenty of travel time in. 

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