9 Health Benefits of Chlorella
A Guide to Chlorella's Health Benefits
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Chlorella: Nourish Your Body with Nature's Best

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Famously known as the King of Superfoods, it’s incredible how these single-celled green algae can brighten up your life! It can benefit people of all ages, but it’s particularly helpful for those striving to improve their well-being.

What Makes Chlorella So Nutritious?

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a freshwater microalgae known for its high nutrient content. This microalgae contains Vitamin A, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, and B Vitamins. Chlorella is so tiny yet so nutrient-dense, supplying adequate antioxidants to protect our bodies from free radicals.

As a doctor who has practiced medicine for over three decades, I’m constantly astounded by the broad spectrum and health benefits of chlorella. If you’re eager to make healthy changes in your life, chlorella is an unbeatable and indispensable tool.

So, what are the top chlorella health benefits? How does chlorella help the body? Here are the top nine Chlorella benefits you can reap from this nutritional powerhouse.

1. Reinforces the Body’s Natural Purification Process

Preliminary research suggests that chlorella helps the body’s natural purification process.  Your body naturally eliminates some stressors and heavy metals we face every day, from the food we eat to the environment we live in.

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Aiding natural detoxification can lead to improved overall wellness and happiness. After all, who doesn't feel better with fewer stressors and toxins affecting their body? [1] 

2. Supports a Healthy Immune System

Chlorella has been shown to support your immune system in several ways. Nutrition researcher Dr. Randall Merchant says, “The research I have been conducting at the Medical College of Virginia has convinced me that chlorella is clearly a powerful natural food you can take daily to support your immune system function.” 

The detoxifying and nutrient-rich properties found in chlorella can help cleanse and nourish your body, leading to a stronger and more resilient immune system. [2]

3. Promotes Red Blood Cell Formation

Chlorella is a good source of Vitamin B12 and iron, which are essential for red blood cell formation.  These blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. By taking chlorella supplements, you make it easier for your body’s cells to get the oxygen they need. 

Moreover, chlorella has been linked to maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you need help maintaining a healthy diet, chlorella might be what you’re looking for.

4. Boosts Your Energy Levels

Chlorella helps boost your energy by providing the nutrients your body requires to function optimally. It’s commonly taken in tablet or powder form; many people report feeling more energetic after taking it. That’s why Sun Chlorella has been a helpful NSF-certified supplement for athletes.

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Your body needs constant maintenance and sustenance. Packed with useful vitamins and minerals, chlorella can assist you in obtaining all your essential nutrients.

5. Gives You Glowing, Healthy-looking Skin

Chlorella’s unique growth factor (CGF) supports healthy regeneration at the cellular level. People use it to achieve healthy-looking skin. Its high level of protective and anti-inflammatory antioxidants (including the skin's favorite, Vitamin A) make it possible.

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Chlorella is packed with chlorophyll, another great antioxidant. Together, they can bring benefits to your skin that other products leave out. Show your skin some love to enjoy this beautifying chlorella health benefit.

6. Optimizes Eye Health

With carotenoids like beta-carotene and lutein, chlorella may help benefit your overall eye health. These “eye vitamins” are found in high concentrations in the retina and help to protect the eyes from UV light damage.

According to the American Optometric Association, recent studies recommend 10 mg of lutein per day to keep your eyes healthy. [3]

For every 3 grams of Sun Chlorella, you get 3 mg of lutein. Chlorella is ​​an all-natural way to help you to see things more clearly.

7. Supports the Digestive System

Chlorella can help support a healthy digestive system. Taking 10 grams of chlorella a day has been shown in research to help reduce occasional cramps, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. [4]

A small study was conducted on students at Mimasake Women’s College in Japan who were given chlorella. They reported an increase in their bowel movement frequency and improved the softness of their stools.

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Chlorella can aid the processes your body naturally goes through for digestion, helping you to feel healthier and happier throughout your day. 

8. Promotes a Healthy Liver

The liver is a vital organ that plays a key role in digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and excreting waste. Fortunately for you, chlorella helps support liver function. Your liver sequesters essential nutrients like B12, helping you metabolize fats and detoxify your body. [5]  Filter out toxins and keep your liver in good shape—chlorella can help.

9. Helps with Blood Sugar Management

High blood sugar levels can lead to serious health complications, such as diabetes, heart disease, or chronic diseases. 

A clinical study showed that a chlorella intake of 800 mg per day resulted in noticeable reductions in fasting blood glucose levels. [6]

So, if you want additional support to maintain normal blood sugar levels already within the healthy range, chlorella can offer some peace of mind.

Potential Downsides

Chlorella is generally considered safe and easily consumable. However, as with any new dietary addition, chlorella can cause potential discomfort for the first few weeks of consumption. Some common temporary effects are green discolored stool, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. This is because chlorella is one of nature’s greenest superfoods.  One serving of chlorella contains equivalent chlorophyll to about 2.5 cups of spinach or kale. So if you are not used to having plentiful servings of greens in your diet, you'll want to ease yourself gradually to a full serving of chlorella. Your tummy will thank you.

Work on including green vegetables in your diet. You can start slow, but it’s recommended to work your way up to the daily serving. This will enable you to reap all the chlorella uses and benefits. And, as always, consult with your physician before starting any new health supplement.

Get A Healthy Start With Sun Chlorella

Chlorella does more for you than most foods on the planet. By taking it every day, you can enjoy healthy digestion, an immune system, glowing skin, and much, much more.

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It’s important to note chlorella is naturally difficult to digest due to its tough outer cell wall. Thus, all chlorella supplements must undergo a process to make them digestible. 

The degree of chlorella digestibility (thus, the number of health benefits received) will depend on how the chlorella is processed. Some methods produce a cracked or broken cell wall. The only way to know if your body can truly digest most of a chlorella supplement is if it’s a pulverized cell wall chlorella.

Sun Chlorella will always provide you with the most digestible chlorella on the market. We promise to pulverize the chlorella’s cell wall to the finest powder so that you can reap the benefits of this powerful little green algae.

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