Buy In-Store At Your Local Fresh Thyme Market


We’ve partnered with Fresh Thyme Market to bring Sun Chlorella’s Chlorella tablets to a store near you. Click here to find your nearest Fresh Thyme Market. Want to be double sure your local Fresh Thyme Market contains Sun Chlorella? Call ahead before going in-store. 


  • Supports your body’s immune system* 

  • Aids in your body’s natural purification process*  

  • Supports your digestive system*

  • Helps boosts your energy level 

Sun Chlorella offers one of the most absorbable chlorellas on the market. At Sun Chlorella, we pulverize chlorella’s tough outer cell wall without the use of heat or chemicals which preserves the nutrients of chlorella better than any other type of processing. Quite simply, Sun Chlorella gives you the ability to digest more of this superfood’s power than most other chlorella products. Feel the Sun Chlorella difference!