Chlorella Matcha Syrup Topping
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Chlorella Matcha Syrup Topping
Brandi Black, RHN

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Maple syrup, there’s competition in town. This chlorella matcha syrup is the ultimate topping for your pancakes, french toast, and even ice cream sundaes. Creamy, fresh, and full of flavor, you’ll also receive a healthy dose of antioxidants with every slurp.  

Making your own plant based syrup topping is quick and easy. For this recipe, there’s only five simple steps, and it’s ready in thirty minutes (or less).  

Matcha Green Tea and Regular Green Tea: What’s The Difference?  

Chlorella Matcha Syrup ToppingGoing back in time, matcha green tea was a secret weapon for both Japanese monks and Samurai warriors who drank it before going into deep periods of stillness, meditation, and battle. This is likely due to the amino acid found in green tea called L-theanine. L-theanine is known as the “calming” amino acid that promotes focus, mental clarity, and healthy cognitive function. Sometimes, health experts even refer to L-theanine as “nature’s xanax”.  

Matcha green tea is higher in amino acids than regular brewed green tea. This is because when you consume matcha, you are consuming the whole tea leaf that’s been ground into a fine powder. On the other hand, traditionally brewed green tea only steeps portions of the leaf.  

What Do Matcha Green Tea and Chlorella Have in Common?  

The two superfood stars of this syrup recipe— matcha green tea and chlorella— have one component in common: chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an antioxidant-rich green pigment that gives all plant foods their deep green color. In addition to chlorella and matcha green tea, you can find it in broccoli, parsley, cilantro, leafy greens, bok choy, spirulina, asparagus, and green peas.  

Due to its high antioxidant content, chlorophyll has a reputation for being a body purifier and an internal deodorizer (by helping with bad breath and body odor). It may also help support cells against UV damage from the sun.  

Chlorophyll also contains several essential vitamins such as iron, and magnesium— which we don’t get nearly enough in our diets today. Soil isn’t as rich in minerals as it was just fifty short years ago, due to modern day farming methods such as mono cropping. This is why it’s essential to always eat a wide variety of plant foods each day (or if that’s tough for you, a mineral supplement) to ensure your diet has enough minerals to nourish your body with.  

By adding matcha green tea powder and chlorella to your recipes (and loading up on other green plant foods), you can easily increase the amount of antioxidants and minerals you get in your diet each day. Can you think of a more delicious way to do so than with this sweet, elegant syrup?  

Pro Tip: To get even more chlorophyll into your diet for optimal health, we recommend using chlorella powder in as many of your recipes as possible— such as baking recipes, smoothies, raw soups, and salad dressings— and taking chlorella tablets daily.  

Chlorella Matcha Syrup  


 ¼ Cup boiled water
  2 Tsp Matcha powder
  ½ Cup full-fat coconut milk
  ½ Cup Cashew Milk
  3 g Sun Chlorella Powder
  3 Tsp sugar
  3 Tsp vegan powdered sugar 


1. In a large ceramic mug, sift in the matcha powder. Add the boiling water and whisk matcha until no clumps remain. 
2. In a small saucepan, add coconut milk and cashew milk and heat on low until simmering. Slowly add the matcha while stirring until the milk takes on a light green color.   
3. Add the Sun Chlorella Powder, sugar, and powdered sugar and slowly stir until everything is completely dissolved.  
4. Continue to simmer on low for about 15-20 minutes. Mixture should slowly thicken.  
5. Once it has thickened, remove from heat. 
6. Let cool and pour syrup into a jar/plastic container and refrigerate.  
7. Pour onto ice cream, pancakes, toast or anything you want, and enjoy! 

Author: Brandi Black, RHN

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