What Is Chlorella
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What Is Chlorella
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What is chlorella? Put simply, chlorella is a superfood that has the nutritional power to change your life. It is a single-celled algae that was most likely one of the first organisms on Earth. Fossil records indicate it has been around for at least 540 million years.

Over centuries and millenniums, its simple design has allowed chlorella to flourish through climate changes, from blistering heat through ice ages, along with viruses, bacteria, fungus and pollution. Talk about resilience! This survivor spirit is a testament to the algae's powerful vitality.

Chlorella owes its unparalleled survival to two highly unusual characteristics.

- Chlorella's tough cell wall is almost unbreakable.The special materials that make this durable cell wall have been shown to bind with heavy metals, pesticides and toxins and carry them safely out of the body.
Chlorella reproduces at an astonishing rate, rejuvenating into four new cells every 17-20 hours. The driving force behind its rapid reproduction is the special Chlorella Growth Factor found in the nucleus of each chlorella cell. This same CGF can safely fuel your body's regeneration.
- Chlorella is so small that it wasn't identified until the advent of microscopes and microbiology. Even its name talks about its size. The first part, chloros, means ""green"" in Greek. And the second part, ella means ""small."" Yet despite its tiny size, it packs a nutritional punch that can revolutionize your health.

What Is Chlorella’s Nutritional Power?


Eases digestion
Contains higher concentration of chlorophyll than anything else on the planet [1]
And many more

How Is Chlorella Made?

Chlorella is grown in carefully controlled manmade pools in the tropical environment of Taiwan. Through a series of steps, it is checked for purity, sterilized and dried. Finally, its cell wall is pulverized. Relying only on pressurization, this process uses no heat, chemicals or enzymes. Without this pulverization process, your body could not enjoy the full nutrition found in chlorella.

We take particular care in using the best manufacturing techniques, equipment and protocols to minimize the nutritional losses and maximize the gains in order to give you the best nourishment from chlorella.


[1] Jensen, B. Chlorella, Gem of the Orient, p. 38

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