The Science Behind Brain Supplements for Memory
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The Science Behind Brain Supplements for Memory
Information overload and digital distractions. Sedentary lifestyle and sleep deprivation.  
Modern life has many benefits. But we can’t deny that it leads to multiple problems resulting from poor attention and memory. These problems extend to our daily lives.  

So we find ourselves on a quest to improve our cognitive abilities to match today’s increasing demands. One of the best ways to do so? Taking brain supplements for memory and attention–also known as nootropics. 

Let’s dive into the science of nootropics and how they impact one’s cognitive function. But first, we need a basic understanding of memory.  

How Do Memory Supplements Work? 

Memory supplements often consist of different ingredients. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and other compounds beneficial to brain health. Each follows a different mechanism of action, such as: 

    stimulate neurotransmitters (the body’s chemical messengers);  

    Increase brain blood flow; 

    or provide essential nutrients.               

These mechanisms are known to improve memory. However, the effectiveness of memory supplements varies. Furthermore, there might not be sufficient scientific evidence supporting their benefits. 
In the section below, we’ll talk about the best brain supplements and how they work. 

The 5 Best Supplements for Boosting Brain Function 

1. Choline 

Choline is the precursor to acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter. Loss of cholinergic neurons causes cognitive impairment, particularly memory loss. This has also been associated with brain-related issues, such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). 

This study proves that concurrent choline consumption can lead to higher memory performance. The results are particularly visible in verbal memory. An average adult male requires 550 mg of choline a day, while an average adult female needs 425mg per day.  

2. Omega-3  

Omega-3 supplements are known for being good for the heart. But did you know that it’s one of the best brain supplements on the market? It’s thought to support brain health, reduce the risk of dementia, and improve memory. 
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are the two well-known long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. They’re crucial for brain health throughout one’s life. DHA supplementation, either alone or combined with EPA, positively impacts memory in older adults.  

3. Ginkgo Biloba 

Ginkgo biloba hit mainstream popularity for its many health benefits. However, its neurological advantages make it one of the best brain supplements for memory and brain fog. Its main course of action involves increasing blood flow throughout the body, including the brain.   

As a result of this increased blood flow, your brain can receive enough oxygen and nutrients. In fact, studies show that Ginkgo biloba extract 240 mg taken daily is safe and effective for dementia. 

4. L-Theanine 

Tea leaves contain L-theanine, which can improve cognitive function and promote relaxation. This is a two-for-one deal. Green tea, in particular, contains l-theanine, catechin, and caffeine. These compounds are known stimulants that support and promote healthy cognitive function. 

5. Chlorella 

Chlorella is rich in vitamin B12. It’s one of the rare active sources of this vitamin. We’ve seen many older adults with vitamin B12 experience memory loss. Restoring this vitamin will protect your body from brain atrophy, which often leads to cognitive decline. 

Chlorella also helps prevent oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can be detrimental to the brain due to its high oxygen consumption and lipid content. Consuming chlorella can prevent cognitive impairment when consumed for extended periods

Old woman performing brain exercise

The Best Brain Health Supplements FAQs 

What is the best supplement to increase memory? 

Memory-enhancing supplements come in different compounds–each with its specific course of action. The supplements listed above have undergone several studies. However, you need to note that everyone's response will be different. Make sure to consult a health professional before using any. 

Do brain supplements really help memory? 

There’s ongoing research and debate on whether brain supplements enhance memory. Study-proven brain supplements are available. However, there are many factors, such as one’s health and product quality, that can influence the outcome. 

At Sun Chlorella, we ensure all our products are overseen and tested. Japan Food Research Laboratories handles that for us. 

What is the #1 brain supplement? 

It depends on what works for you.  Make sure you research and consider reputable brands. Seek personalized advice from a healthcare professional. 

What improves memory fast? 

There’s no quick fix for improving memory. Couple your supplement intake with: 

    Quality sleep   

    Regular exercise 

    Healthy diet 

    Mindfulness and stress management 

Make consistent lifestyle choices to see long-term improvements in memory. However, if you experience any rapid or alarming memory-related issues, seek medical help immediately. Supplements for brain health can’t solve medical conditions. 
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