The Benefits of Pea Protein
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The Benefits of Pea Protein
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January 6, 2021

Whether you're looking for workout enhancers or to balance your diet, you may be on the lookout for the best protein supplements. A recently popular supplement is called pea protein. It's used as an alternative to traditional whey proteins and sometimes even added when cooking foods.

What is Pea Protein?

Pea protein is made from yellow peas and is usually found as a powder. It can be used in shakes and smoothies but other times it can be found in vegan foods to help with texture sometimes missing in plant-based products. Peas are a known source for protein but often are used along with other protein sources because, even though it is rich with amino acids and some types of protein, it isn’t the sole solution to those searching for protein sources.

Pea Protein vs Other Protein Powders

Pea protein is a solution for vegans or those with dietary restrictions that can’t consume milk or dairy products. Pea protein contains no animal products, meaning it's safe for vegans seeking a protein source, whether they’re looking for a way to lose weight or gain muscle or just to ensure a balanced diet. 

For those who can’t have milk, pea protein is a good solution. Whey, which is the most common base for most other protein powders, is a product of milk and should be avoided if you have an allergy or intolerance. Pea protein can be one way to find the nutrients lacking from the lack of milk consumption because it has all nine amino acids needed in a healthy diet. However, it's important to note that while pea protein can benefit those looking for a plant alternative, it doesn’t contain as much protein as its whey counterpart. Still, that doesn’t mean pea protein shouldn’t be used at all. It can still be used to build muscle mass even if it may not be as effective.

Compared to other plant-based protein powders, pea protein is the only one that contains all nine amino acids needed in a diet. Pea protein has become popular among those searching to cut out dairy products because it comes closest to performing like an animal product.

What are the Benefits of Pea Protein?

One of the biggest benefits of pea protein was mentioned quite a few times in the previous section but deserves to be stated again: It's an excellent alternative for vegans, those with allergies to whey, or anyone just looking to cut back on animal products. Supplementing pea protein by taking other vegan supplements can be a great way to get the protein you need without having to take animal products.

Another benefit of pea protein is the amount of amino acids contained in it. Unlike other plant-based proteins, there’s nothing missing as far as nutritional value is concerned. It doesn’t have to be mixed and matched with other protein powders to ensure the correct amount of amino acids are there. It also has quite a bit of protein, although admittedly not as much as other whey products. 

Pea protein can also be used to build muscles and lose weight. Just like how other protein powders work, many who workout use it this way and find it effective in achieving their fitness goals. This protein is also effective in adding to meals beyond weight and muscle goals. A plant-based diet can make it difficult to get the nutrients found in meat and other animal products. Pea protein can be used to help with the maintenance of a healthy diet when used in conjunction with other food sources.

How Should I Use It?

If the purpose of the pea protein use is for working out, just like other protein powders, you can use pea protein before or after working out depending on how you decide to do your routine. The protein can be placed in a smoothie or shake of your choice and consumed that way. Some people report that the flavor can sometimes be overpowering by itself, so it’s best to not eat the protein powder without mixing it with something else first. 

If the desired use of pea protein is not for working out but instead to add into your diet every day, then you can really add the powder to whatever you decide. Whether that’s in a smoothie or shake or mixed into the dishes you're serving, there’s no wrong way of eating the protein. If you have any questions or concerns before using pea protein you can always consult with a doctor or dietitian.

Other Sources of Protein or Supplements

As far as looking for added nutrition to your daily diet, there are other ways to achieve a balanced lifestyle beyond just adding pea protein into your diet. And while pea protein is a good supplement, you probably shouldn’t just add pea protein into your diet and call it good. Other types of supplements can help boost your immune system, relieve stress, and some can even help add in protein. Check out Sun Chlorella’s selection of supplements to find the right ones for your lifestyle today. 

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