Sun Chlorella Manufacturing Process
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Sun Chlorella Manufacturing Process
Sun Chlorella USA

Step One: Cultivation in Taiwan 

The Sun Chlorella manufacturing process starts at our chlorella cultivation pools in Taiwan, 2,100 miles away from the processing plants in Japan. Taiwan's balmy climate provides optimum conditions for growing chlorella.

The circular pools spread out over several acres. By growing the chlorella outside and constantly circulating the culture with giant mixers, we make sure it gets the most important nutrient: sunlight. This is vital because chlorella's unique Chlorella Growth Factor is produced during the most intense periods of photosynthesis. The more sunlight the chlorella is exposed to, the more CGF is in each chlorella.

Step Two: Culture Concentration Management 

We start off with the purest filtered water from 9,000-foot mountains. To help the culture grow properly, the water is mixed with a carefully calibrated mixture of natural sourced minerals. When the culture concentration has reached high enough levels, it's harvested. Filtered, washed and centrifuged several times to free it of any foreign contaminants, the chlorella is then tested for purity. Once purity's verified, it's ready to be concentrated.

Step Three: Sun Chlorella's DYNO-Mill Process 

Chlorella's cell wall poses a special challenge during the chlorella manufacturing process. It's so strong our digestive system cannot break through it very easily. Manufacturers have tried to solve this problem with heat, chemicals and enzymes. While some of these methods break down the cell walls, they also destroy chlorella's rich nutrients or add contaminants to this wholesome food.

However, Sun Chlorella's - DYNO-Mill process leaves chlorella's nutrition intact. It moves chlorella cells from high to low pressure causing them to burst and release their contents. No heat. No chemicals. No enzymes. The result? Pure, highly nutritious chlorella that is 95 to 99 percent digestible.

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