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DYNO®-Mill Process

The Sun Chlorella Difference

    Chlorella has an incredibly tough cell wall, which has allowed the organism to flourish on Earth for millions of years. However, this fierce protector also inhibits its digestion and the absorption of its nutrients in the human body. That’s because the body lacks an enzyme needed to digest cellulose, the compound that makes up Chlorella's cell wall.

The DYNO®-Mill Process Makes All of Chlorella’s Nutrients Readily Available

    Our proprietary DYNO-Mill process ensure 90% pulverization of cell wall of chlorella, thus making a dramatic improvement in its digestibility. This technology doesn’t use any chemicals, enzymes or heat, making it an ideal physical method. It dramatically improves the digestibility of Chlorella. 

    The DYNO®-Mill process was engineered by select research scientists. The method was designed to maximize the total digestibility of chlorella’s rich nutrients as well as the cell wall. This technique is the only method of processing chlorella that maintains the vital nutrients because it is heat and chemical free. Other methods prevent the body from fully utilizing chlorella's nutrition.

The Problem with Many Manufacturing Methods

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There are many methods that work to break down chlorella’s cell wall, thus making the whole food digestible. Although these methods are effective at breaking down the cell wall, not all methods are safe and keep essential nutrients in tact. These methods effectively decrease Chlorella's impressive benefits!

    Some methods use extreme heat, such as blanching. However, this extreme heat can destroy the nutrients while also destroying the cell wall—effectively ruining all the nutrients chlorella has to offer.

    Other methods, such as milling, break down the shell; thus exposing the nutrients to heat and light, putting them at risk of becoming oxidized. Heat freezing also breaks through the tough outer shell, but the rotation between extreme heat and cold effects the essential nutrients within the cell wall. Spray dried chlorella, cold milling chlorella, sound wave broken chlorella and broken cell wall chlorella all try to break down this outer wall, but none have been able to do it to the degree that Sun Chlorella has.

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