Microalgae, What It Is And Why You Should Consume It
27 October, 2021 by
Microalgae, What It Is And Why You Should Consume It
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October 27, 2021

Maintaining adequate nutrition is not just a trend enforced by health gurus and protein powder slogans. Nutrition is vital for maintaining overall health and longevity. Few of us actually get all of the vitamins and minerals we need to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Further, many of us fail to realize how improving our nutrition and overall health can help with energy levels, ability to focus, and many other daily activities.

Supplements play a huge role in helping our bodies receive the adequate nutrition that it needs. The right supplements contain all-natural superfoods that support vitamin, and mineral intake to help us easily get the essential nutrients we need. 

One superfood that often gets overlooked is Microalgae. Not only is microalgae a sustainable food that has low environmental impact, it also contains essential vitamins, minerals and more that our bodies need every day. Below we’ll walk through what is Microalgae, and things you should know before consuming this superfood.

What is Microalgae?

Microalgae, microscopic algae, are unicellular photosynthetic microorganisms that can exist both independently and in colonies. Microalgae is photosynthetic, using sunlight to synthesize nutrients from carbon dioxide and water. It also means that this type of algae can produce oxygen. 

Benefits of Microalgae Consumption

Microalgae was consumed in ancient practices by indigenous people. Microalgae regained popularity a few decades ago when it was discovered as a superfood that would support a growing world population that will need sustainable sources of protein. Further, there are many individual reasons why microalgae consumption is beneficial.

The higher growth rate of microalgae, as well as the ability to produce their own food from the sun, allows microalgae to contain protein yields that are more than 100 times greater than animal-based proteins, including beef, eggs, and dairy. This makes microalgae an important superfood supplement.

Further, microalgae is a rich source of vitamins. Different types of microalgae are more known for being rich in different vitamins, but generally Microalgae contains vitamins A, C, and E which are all important for overall health.

Microalgae vs. Macroalgae

While microalgae is the most commonly consumed algae, it can be easy to get microalgae confused with macroalgae. While microalgae are unicellular organisms, macroalgae are multicellular in nature and the cells may function together, forming a kind of organ. Macroalgae are commonly known as seaweed.Microalgae serve far more purposes than macroalgae, whose primary benefit is the treatment of wastewater. Macroalgae play important roles in the ecology of coral reefs. 

Sun Chlorella Loves Microalgae

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