I Took Concentrated Chlorella for 30 Days and This Is What Happened
A Look at Two Individuals and Their Experiences of Sun Wakasa Gold Plus
7 May, 2020 by
I Took Concentrated Chlorella for 30 Days and This Is What Happened
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May 7, 2020

You may be familiar with chlorella, a powerful green algae that can take your energy, immunity, and skin health to the next level. Adored by plant based (and non-plant based) health nuts all over the world, chlorella contains a plethora of nutrients that are needed for good health, including one of the only known plant forms of active B12.  

While chlorella has an impressive vitamin and mineral profile, it contains one particularly special  component for cellular health that isn’t found in any other food on the planet. This nutrient is called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF).  

Some of us nutritionists like to lovingly say “you can only be as healthy as your cells”. The remarkable benefit about CGF is that it contains the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, which help cells repair, regenerate, and carry out their crucial functions. From metabolism and energy production, to immunity and tissue support, without healthy cells, you will certainly see and feel the difference in your body.  

Note: Your body naturally produces RNA and DNA, but as you get older (even as early as your mid-twenties) you produce less. This is why getting it from food sources such as chlorella can be highly beneficial.  

When you take chlorella as a tablet or powder, you get a small dose of Chlorella Growth Factor. But what if you could take a highly concentrated form of Chlorella Growth Factor every day as a delicious, tasty, already-prepared wellness shot? Sun Wakasa Gold Plus (concentrated CGF) is exactly that.  

Having only taken chlorella tablets and powder in the past, I decided to do a little experiment. For thirty days, myself and my best friend Julia would take the recommended serving of Sun Wakasa Gold Plus  and document the changes in our health in separate week-by-week diaries.  

We both didn’t take any other supplements except our usual multivitamin and probiotic during this time. Here’s a look into our diaries and the end results.

I Took Concentrated Chlorella for 30 Days and This Is What Happened  

Brandi’s Experience  

Background: female, 31 years old,  whole / foods plant based diet, low to moderate activity level.  

Primary health concerns: fatigue, occasional bloating/digestive discomfort (usually related to specific foods).  

Day one:  

When I opened the packaging and pulled out the bottle of Sun Wakasa Gold Plus, I was so excited. It was the most luxurious and sleek liquid supplement bottle I’d ever seen. It came with a small measuring cup to take the recommended dose, ½ ounce which was super convenient. I took a serving right away, curious if it would get me through an afternoon of work feeling more alert and energized.  

The taste is a little tart, but very enjoyable in my opinion. It’s like a little mid-afternoon treat: a supplement you actually look forward to taking.  

Week 1 

I didn’t notice any major changes to my energy levels or focus this week, but I had a sense of feeling better.

Week 2 

During week two, I decided to start taking Sun Wakasa first thing in the morning (at least 20 minutes before my usual coffee or tea) to see if it would help with my energy levels. This did make a difference for me.  

I noticed that I was more focused during creative work and tasks in the afternoon when I’d normally hit a slump and lose my focus and motivation (despite applying blood sugar balancing techniques).  

Overall, in week two I wouldn’t say I felt more energy in my body, but I had more mental energy and focus.  

Week 3  

Week three came with an unexpected benefit. It was that time in my cycle, but if it weren’t for my period tracking app, I would have never known it. The entire week, I didn’t experience a single cramp, bloating, discomfort, or any other PMS symptoms. I was floored.  

I usually have very mild PMS. It is not a primary health concern of mine, and I am lucky that most of the time I don’t have severe symptoms (just mild bloating and cramping).  

I actually didn’t connect the dots that this “dream period” could’ve been due to the Sun Wakasa Gold Plus until my friend Julia and I compared notes. She reported the same result and usually gets stronger PMS symptoms than I do.  

One more thing I noticed in week three was that a blotchy red mark on my face disappeared quickly. I had picked at a clogged pore on my face (I know, not good!) and it left quite the mark.  Usually my skin takes anywhere from 5-10 days to recover, but this time it only took three days to fade.  

Week 4 

During week four, there were some days I missed taking Sun Wakasa Gold Plus first thing in the morning so I’d take it in the afternoon or early evenings.  

Although my physical energy levels weren’t soaring by the end of week four, I did start to feel a very subtle difference. I would say from the beginning of week one my energy levels were a 4/10 and by week four, I’d score 6/10.  

Since I occasionally struggle with low energy since I was very young, I know that one of the best things I can do to improve this is to take supplements that support my cellular health.  

My mental focus and concentration was still the same as week three, and I couldn’t have been more happier about my increased productivity. I also had less of a desire for coffee and started drinking more green and black tea.  

The Takeaway  

The Sun Wakasa Gold Plus definitely helped me experience increased energy and focus. I also loved that it helped with my usual mild bloating and cramps during PMS and feeling a slight improvement in my overall energy levels.  

Based on what I know about Sun Chlorella, Chlorella Growth Factor, and nucleic acids, I believe that if I continued taking Sun Wakasa Gold Plus beyond thirty days I would have continued to experience subtle, gradual improvements to my energy levels and possibly have gotten myself to a 7 or 8/10 over a few months time.  

I prefer this result, because Sun Wakasa Gold Plus isn’t intended to be a quick fix energy shot or drink with an effect that wears off after an hour. It’s a concentrated serving of Chlorella Growth Factor that nourishes your cells to support your overall well-being.  

I believe you’d experience the best results from concentrated chlorella by continuing to take it daily as part of your wellness routine.  

Julia’s Experience  

Background: female, 35 years old, meat eater, high activity level.  

Primary health concerns: occasional stomach aches and mild bloating and discomfort after meals, PMS.  

Week One 

During week one, I went on a weekend getaway and indulged more than usual. I brought the Sun Wakasa Gold Plus with me and took it while I was there. My energy levels were zapped. I took a full ounce for the next three days and by the beginning of week two, I was feeling more refreshed.  

I didn’t notice any major changes in week one.  

Week Two 

I’m not sure if it’s the Sun Wakasa Gold Plus, I feel like it could be helping with digestion too because I’m feeling less bloated, but I’ll keep a closer eye on that and see if it stays this way in week three.  

Week Three 

I really feel like the concentrated chlorella growth factor is helping with my digestive health. I haven’t been bloated or experiencing occasional stomach cramps after eating all week. Usually by the end of the night I’m uncomfortable, but I haven’t felt that in a while.  

My energy levels are also definitely up from last week. I’d say this week I’m about a 8/10 where the last two weeks I was a 6/10.  

I also noticed a difference in PMS symptoms this month. Although I still had symptoms such as cramping, overall I felt noticeably better than last month.  

I felt less discomfort and pain in my stomach as I normally would. 

Week Four 

This week, I got one of my occasional stomach aches after eating in the afternoon and decided to take a second serving of the concentrated CGF right away. Usually, I notice my stomach is bigger from being bloated (this is my normal) but after I took the Sun Wakasa Gold Plus, it seemed to help reduce the bloating and pain. 

The Takeaway  

The most profound benefit I experienced from the concentrated chlorella growth factor was the support in digestive health after meals. It was so nice to be able to eat most meals without the occasional cramping and discomfort. It supported my digestive health .  

I loved the look of the Sun Wakasa Gold Plus bottle so much that I posted it in an Instagram story! Not only does it have a beautiful appearance that makes the overall experience of taking a supplement feel luxurious and like a treat, but it tastes great and is clearly absorbed well by the body.  


Author: Brandi Black, RHN 

Disclaimer: Brandi and Julia were provided free Sun Wakasa Gold Plus to share their  experience with the product. Brandi was paid to write this blog. These stories represent the experiences of a few people. Individual results may vary.  

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