DYNO®-Mill Process
The Sun Chlorella Difference
24 June, 2020 by
DYNO®-Mill Process
Aiko Jin

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Chlorella has an incredibly tough cell wall, which has allowed the organism to flourish on Earth for millions of years. However, this fierce protector also inhibits the digestion and absorption of its nutrients in the human body. That’s because the body lacks an enzyme needed to digest cellulose, which makes up Chlorella's cell wall. For this reason, all chlorella should be processed. But not all chlorella is created equally.

The DYNO®-Mill Process Makes All of Chlorella’s Nutrients Readily Available

Our proprietary DYNO-Mill process ensures 90% pulverization of cell wall of chlorella, thus making a dramatic improvement in its digestibility. This technology doesn’t use any chemicals, enzymes, or heat, making it an ideal method.  

The DYNO®-Mill process was engineered by select research scientists. The method maximizes the total digestibility of chlorella’s rich nutrients by pulverizing the cell wall. This technique combined with Sun Chlorella’s other propriety processing methods helps chlorella maintain its vital nutrients by using minimal heat contact without chemicals. Other methods may prevent the body from fully utilizing chlorella's nutrition.

The Problem with Many Manufacturing Methods

There are many methods which only partially break or crack chlorella’s cell wall. And not all methods keep essential nutrients intact. Utilizing these methods can actually decrease Chlorella's impressive benefits!

Some methods use extreme heat, such as blanching. However, this extreme heat can destroy the nutrients while also destroying the cell wall—effectively ruining the nutrients chlorella has to offer.

Other methods, such as heat freezing also breaks through the tough outer shell, but the rotation between extreme heat and cold affects the essential nutrients within the cell wall. Sound wave broken chlorella and broken cell wall chlorella all try to break down this outer wall, but none have been able to do it to the degree that Sun Chlorella has. Since 1969, Sun Chlorella has been the most absorbable chlorella on the market. Feel the Sun Chlorella difference! 

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