Different Types of Chlorella & Their Benefits
Learn About the Superfood Chlorella!
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Different Types of Chlorella & Their Benefits
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January 18, 2020

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What Is Chlorella?

What is chlorella? Chlorella is a single-celled, green, freshwater algae. It is an up and coming superfood with a powerful nutrition profile. It can bring many benefits into the lives of those who choose to take it. It’s packed with protein, active Vitamin B12, chlorophyll, nucleic acids, and more. There are lots of reasons so many people are choosing to add chlorella into their daily supplement routine.

There are more than 20 species of chlorella and each grows differently and has different uses. Some of the most common types of chlorella include chlorella pyrenoidosa, chlorella vulgaris, chlorella regularis, and chlorella saccharophila. These species of chlorella are commonly used in nutritional supplements and food. While all these different types of chlorella can be used in food and nutritional supplements doesn’t mean they are all the best nutritionally. 

Fortunately, finding the best chlorella to take has already been done! Sun Chlorella uses only chlorella pyrenoidosa in our products. Because we only use chlorella pyrenoidosa our chlorella products come to you with an exceptional guarantee of quality chlorella and nutrition for an affordable price. 

Most Popular Types of Chlorella

The two types of chlorella most often used in supplements and other food products are chlorella vulgaris and chlorella pyrenoidosa.


Sun Chlorella also brings you quality chlorella pyrenoidosa through a unique cultivation process. Many manufacturers of chlorella grow their chlorella in tanks, an attempt to preserve purity during cultivation. While this is admirable, it detracts from the best part of chlorella, the ability to interact with the sunlight. CGF (the best part of chlorella) is produced during photosynthesis. Growing chlorella in a dark tank eliminates its chance to undergo natural photosynthesis. Sun Chlorella grows chlorella outdoors, allowing chlorella to interact with the sunlight and naturally produce a high concentration of CGF. Even though we don’t grow our chlorella in tanks, we maintain our standards of purity during cultivation by monitoring the growth and harvest of our chlorella. 

Breaking the Cell Wall

Chlorella is packed full of nutrients. Unfortunately, that nutrients isn’t readily available. All the nutrients of chlorella, including CGF, is packed tightly behind a tough cell wall. Our bodies natural digestion can’t penetrate the cell wall, making all the nutrients inside this incredible green algae useless. 

Sun Chlorella has developed a unique process to break through the cell wall and give you the most access to the nutrients. We use a patented DYNO-Mill process that pulverizes the cell wall of chlorella, freeing the nutrients inside. Many other producers of chlorella can crack the cell wall, use chemicals, or ferment the chlorella in an attempt to break the cell wall and bring you nutrients. Unfortunately, these other methods fall short of providing you with the most possible nutrients. 

The Sun Chlorella Difference 

These three reasons are only a few of the reasons Sun Chlorella’s chlorella pyrenoidosais the best chlorella on the market. We know that chlorella has the incredible nutrients your body is missing and we can help you get to where you want to be. Still have questions about chlorella? Check out our blog or contact a Sun Chlorella representative and we’ll answer any questions you might have. 


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