Broken Cell Wall Chlorella vs. Pulverized Chlorella
Different Types of Chlorella Supplements and How They Differ
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Broken Cell Wall Chlorella vs. Pulverized Chlorella
Marisela Corrado

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Chlorella is a single-celled, freshwater green algae often called The King of Superfoods. This superfood is considered to have greater potential benefits than the popular protein powerhouse spirulina.

Chlorella Benefits

Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll, the pigment responsible for plants’ green color. In one serving of chlorella, there is about as much chlorophyll as in 2 to 2.5 cups of spinach or kale. It’s also a good plant-based source of vitamin B12, making it a wonderful health food for vegans and vegetarians. 

Other chlorella benefits include: 

  • Boosts your immune system* 

  • Purifies your body naturally*    

  • Provides digestive support*  

  • Gives you more energy 

  • Promotes tissue health*   

We've barely scratched the surface of how chlorella can support our health. It offers much more, including nutrients such as beta-carotene and different amino acids. You can discover what else chlorella can do for you here.

Here at Sun Chlorella, we only use a specific strain of chlorella, chlorella pyrenoidosa. It contains high levels of CGF, which supports tissue renewal and immune health.* 

After learning the health benefits of chlorella, you should know that not all chlorella supplements are created equal. The cultivation and processing have a significant impact on its health benefits.

Chlorella Preparation Methods

Chlorella contains excellent nutrients within its tough cell wall. Chlorella's potential can be fully realized by breaking through this hard barrier.

There are three methods of preparation: fermentation, cracking/breaking, and pulverization. Let’s examine these more closely:


Fermented chlorella is grown in a sealed, sterilized fermentation tank without sunlight. This method of chlorella preparation is not commonly performed because it’s not the most practical solution. Chlorella fermentation inhibits CGF production, which takes place during photosynthesis. This method produces nutrients from acetic acid and glucose rather than the sun, which isn’t nearly as natural or effective.

The greatest fermented chlorella benefit is that it can kill any bacteria that may be growing there. The tradeoff is that the heat (120º) can kill the remaining nutrients in fermented chlorella. As a result, you only get a small amount of nutritional value.

Cracked or Broken 

Fermenting chlorella softens the cell wall, but doing so doesn’t unleash the abundance of minerals and vitamins inside. The main difference between fermented chlorella vs. broken cell wall chlorella is that the latter penetrates the cell wall. Therefore, the broken cell wall chlorella benefits outweigh the first method.

Some companies crack the cell wall of chlorella through sound vibrations. While this is a better process than fermenting chlorella, the benefits of broken cell wall chlorella are still limited. There’s a far better way to access the chlorella cell's remarkable nutritional content.


The pulverized chlorella cell wall gives you access to chlorella’s full nutritional profile. The process involves eliminating most of the cell wall. It’s similar to milling wheat, which leaves all the nutrients available at peak levels for maximum absorption. At Sun Chlorella, we pulverize the cell wall using DYNO®-Mill. A high-energy grinding mill breaks the cell wall into small pieces.

We spray-dry our chlorella with hot air to avoid damage to its quality and nutrients. We test our product before and after the spray to ensure the quality and purity remain the same. 

Sun Chlorella’s pulverized chlorella comes in tablet or powder form.

Why Choose Sun Chlorella?

Sun Chlorella has been providing the best chlorella supplements to the market since 1969. Our mission is to bring the life-affirming, nutrient-rich benefits of chlorella to the world. We always ensure you receive the most nutrients from our chlorella products.

Our pulverized cell wall chlorella is the best form of pure chlorella on the market. You can shop Sun Chlorella here.

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