A Special Animal Rescue Story Of Renewal!
Sun Chlorella USA x Gentle Barn
30 August, 2017 by
A Special Animal Rescue Story Of Renewal!
Sun Chlorella USA



    Terrified . . . starving . . . her leg throbbing in pain from the deep sore extending down to her bone . . . the horse had little chance for survival.

    If disease and hunger didn't take her, it would only be a matter of time . . .

    Bought at auction by a backyard butcher, this gentle horse, along with 14 cows, 32 goats and sheep and 4 turkeys, was slated for slaughter.

    But through the intervention of a determined group of people, this little horse's fate (and that of her fellow prisoners) changed. In April 2012, after months of work with the LA County Animal Care and Control and the District Attorney, The Gentle Barn rescued the animals and brought them home to safety.

    They would never face abuse or the threat of butchering again. The Gentle Barn welcomes these animals into a place where they are loved and protected. And now Sun Chlorella is supporting their life-affirming work.

How Sun Chlorella Supports The Gentle Barn's Animal Rescue Work

    Since May 2012, Sun Chlorella has been providing chlorella powder and REJUV-A-WAFERS for The Gentle Barn's 160 animals. And in July, Sun Chlorella donated $50,000 towards creating a special quarantine and treatment center for animals needing extra care. The Sun Chlorella Healing Center will be sited in a rehabilitated barn that is currently used to store hay.

    "For us this special project cuts to the heart of who we are," says Futoshi Nakayama, President/CEO of Sun Chlorella USA. "The Gentle Barn's work is about a fundamental commitment to life and good health. This was also the driving force behind the founding of Sun Chlorella. Our founder, Hideo Nakayama's primary concern was sharing the life-sustaining benefits of chlorella with the world."

    "When you visit The Gentle Barn," adds Futoshi, "You can feel the vitality created by working with such a respect for life. We're honored to be a small part of this."

Hiroka's Bold And Beautiful Recovery

    To mark the support Sun Chlorella provides, we were privileged to name the horse rescued from the backyard butcher. Her name is Hiroka, which means "bold and beautiful child" in Japanese.

    Today almost a year after her rescue, Hiroka's story is not only about rescue but about renewal.

    Truly . . . as her eyes have taken on new life . . . as her coat thickens thanks to the good nutrition . . . and her movements change from being orchestrated by pain and fear to the movements of a healthy horse . . . Hiroka is bolder and more beautiful than ever.

    For short, we call her Hero.

    Holistic veterinarian and Sun Chlorella advisory board member, Dr. William Farber, D.V.M., is a witness her recovery. "Once standing as a hollow, scared, severely debilitated animal, Hiroka now looks happy, healthy and on the mend thanks to Sun     
Chlorella and to the hours of devoted care from the staff at the Gentle Barn. She is a symbol of how this type of help can heal an animals mind, body and spirit."

    Come see the beautiful transformation of Hiroka in the our special video celebrating her recovery and the work of the Gentle Barn.

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