7 Reasons Why Your Workout Needs Chlorella
Why You Should Add Chlorella to Your Health and Fitness Routine
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7 Reasons Why Your Workout Needs Chlorella
Aiko Jin

Why Your Workout Needs Chlorella

Regular exercise has endless benefits, such as building muscle and losing fat. But it’s not just about how much we move. What we eat is also a critical factor in making sure we gain these benefits.

To stoke our motivation, support our metabolism, and sustain our energy for exercise, we need the right fuel to power our workout. That means lean protein, healthy fats, and plenty of vitamins and minerals.

A variety of foods can provide this fuel supply, but many of these nutrients can also be found in a single plant: algae known as chlorella.


1. Fuel Up 

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Several nutritional factors in chlorella help keep us healthy, active, and strong. Chlorella contains vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D and a significant source of iron.

2. May Support Exercise and Respiration

It’s hard to exercise if you easily run out of steam. A small preliminary study showed that continuous chlorella intake may improve aerobic exercise capacity.

One double-blind study analyzed that 6 young males without a history of regular exercise habits could significantly increase their maximum oxygen intake when taking chlorella. The chlorella group was measured against another group of males with a placebo. Both groups were put on a three-week regimen of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). While all the men in the study saw benefits from the exercise, the subjects in the chlorella group saw noticeable improvements in both anaerobic and aerobic exercise capacity compared to the placebo group.

3. Athletic Performance

Chlorella provides quality nutrition in a convenient supplement. 

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Of course, you can also get most of these same nutrients from other sources. However, you can’t find the chlorella growth factor (CGF) anywhere else. This nucleotide-peptide complex of nucleic acids allows this algae to multiply astoundingly. When ingested, CGF can help cellular repair and renewal for support in muscle recovery and tissue repair. It may even boost stamina.

Post Workout


4. Refuel Your Tank

After you workout, it’s time to eat, so your body can replenish the fuel it used to power itself. If your diet occasionally lacks some essential vitamin or mineral, chances are good that consistent chlorella consumption can fill in the nutritional gaps.

5. Supports Muscle Health

Everyone knows protein is essential for muscle growth and development. But chlorella also contains a nutrient that some people, especially vegetarians, struggle to get enough of B12.

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If your B12 is low, your muscles won’t be able to recover from strenuous activity. B12 is also necessary for metabolizing protein and fat—two vital ingredients for building muscle tissue. 
Advancing age and a vegetarian diet may impair our B12 levels. Luckily, chlorella is one of the few plant sources of a highly absorbable type of B12 known as active B12, giving you the energy and stamina you need for a good workout.

6. Purifier

Building a healthy body is a two way street. We not only have to bring in the good (nutrition), we also need to lose the bad (unwanted materials in your gut).
Chlorella can help your body cleanse itself by nourishing elimination organs. 

7. Support Overall Health

Thankfully, compounds in chlorella have been shown to have many benefits like supporting your immune system, with the power of chlorophyll. A strong immune system makes you less likely to miss your workout.

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It’s clear that chlorella is the perfect companion for an active lifestyle. The only choice you have to make is which brand to take.

Sun Chlorella has been the premier provider of chlorella supplements since 1969. What sets their product apart is in the way they process the plant. Sun Chlorella pioneered a pulverization method to break the tough outer cell wall of the plant, bringing you one of the most digestible forms of chlorella on the market-more digestible than the common broken or cracked cell wall chlorella.

Sun Chlorella Powder is also NSF Certified for Sport®. This rigorous certification process helps athletes make safer decisions in choosing their sports supplements.

See for yourself how chlorella can keep you going strong.

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