5 Ways To Support Healthy Bowel Movements
By Dr. Mark Drucker
27 July, 2017 by
5 Ways To Support Healthy Bowel Movements
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Updated July 2, 2020 

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Maintaining bowel movement regularity is important to your health.  

Unfortunately, most doctors consider one bowel movement every 3 days to be sufficient, whereas most natural health experts see 1-3 bowel movements a day as a sign of good health. Since you eat three times a day, your body should eliminate waste close to that schedule.  

Here Are Some Tips For Helping Keep Your Digestion Regular  

Bowel Movement Tip #1: Fiber 

You probably already know fiber is your colon’s best friend. Fiber adds bulk to your waste, making it easier for your bowel muscles to contract and move things down.  

Fiber is also considered a prebiotic, which means it feeds the friendly probiotic bacteria living in your colon. These bacteria turn fiber into a source of energy, butyric acid, used by both the bacteria and your colon cells.  

By feeding your colon cells naturally, these bacteria help them stay healthy. In order to get more fiber, back off refined foods and try to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. 

Bowel Movement Tip #2: Drink More Water 

Water may even be more important than fiber when it comes to colon health. In 2013 a group of researchers surveyed 8000 men and women about their water intake and stools. They found the people who drank the most liquid had the least amount of problems with constipation. [1] 

Most of us don’t get enough water each day. We tend to ignore thirst or mistake it for hunger. Periodically serve yourself a big glass of water and drink it down in one sitting. 

And here’s another tip – eat lots of hydrating fruits and vegetables like juicy watermelon, succulent peaches and refreshing cucumbers. We can get lots of water in our diet simply with the food we eat. Plus, we get a good dose of fiber too! 

Bowel Movement Tip #3: Exercise 

Most often, increased hydration and fiber isn’t enough to help your bowels ease up. But exercise may make the difference. 

In one clinical trial conducted in Scandinavia, researchers sought evidence on whether physical activity could make a difference for people suffering from constipation. All of the test subjects had tried eating more fiber and drinking more water – but to no avail. 

However, exercise worked where these dietary changes didn’t. As part of the study, the participants walked 30 minutes a day and did a brief 11-minute set of exercises at home. And within 12 weeks of maintaining this activity, the study participants enjoyed an increased frequency in bowel movements. Exercise helped them finally gain relief. [2] 

Bowel Movement Tip #4: Squat 

Most places in the world, people don’t use toilets. Squatting turns out to be the best way to do your business. When you squat, your bowels are straightened out and can tap into gravity to make things easier. In contrast, when you sit, you put much more pressure on your muscles to get your stools out. 

Simply using a footstool to rest your feet on can help you get into a squat position as you sit on the toilet.  Or you can purchase a squatting stool designed to fit right under the toilet bowl. 

Then let your body and gravity do the work the way nature intended. 

Bowel Movement Tip #5: Take Chlorella 

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Chlorella has long been something I recommend to support digestive health. But it’s particularly helpful when it comes to helping with occasional constipation.

Researchers at the Mimasake Women’s College gave chlorella tablets to study participants experiencing occasional constipation. As a result, the participants enjoyed increased frequency of bowel movements, increased total stool amount and improved stool consistency.[3] 

Enjoy Better Health With Healthy Bowel Movements 

It’s hard to keep track of your bowel health, but ignoring it can lead to more issues down the road. It’s much harder to fix your bowel problems when they’ve gotten serious. Early intervention is the key. 

Put these tactics to work. With them, you can help your bowels stay healthy. With healthy bowels, you can move waste out more efficiently. As a result, your whole body will be happier and healthier!  


Author: Dr. Mark Drucker


[1]Doyle K. Fluids May Prevent Constipation Better Than Fiber. Reuters, May 2013. Viewed 5/13 at http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/07/us-fluids-constipation-idUSBRE9460NZ20130507  

[2]De Schryver AM et al. Effects of regular physical activity on defecation pattern in middle-aged patients complaining of chronic constipation. Scand J Gastroenterol. 2005 Apr;40(4):422-9.  

[3]Effect of chlorella strain CK-5 on the frequency of bowel movement in humans. Japanese Journal of Nutrition. 1998; 56(5): pp 253-263 

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