4 Benefits of Chlorella Growth Factor
Learn about Chlorella and CGF
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4 Benefits of Chlorella Growth Factor
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What is Chlorella Growth Factor? 

Known as the king of superfoods, chlorella is one of nature’s best superfoods containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and is also one of the highest known sources of chlorophyll. With all these offerings, chlorella is a nutritional supplement you do not want to leave out of your diet. 

But what really puts chlorella in the spotlight of health and wellness is a component within chlorella called Chlorella Growth Factor, or CGF. Chlorella Growth Factor is the secret ingredient for why chlorella can multiply its cells by four every 20-24 hours. How’s that for super(food) powers?

Chlorella Growth Factor is unique for several other reasons, too. 

Where does Chlorella Growth Factor Come From? 

Chlorella Growth Factor can only be found in the chlorella algae. This incredible ingredient is not available in any other micro-algae. Chlorella Growth Factor is contained within the nucleus of each chlorella cell. CGF is made up of nucleic acids DNA and RNA, which can support cellular health and regeneration. Since every part of our body is made of cells, cellular health is crucial to our overall healthy function, internal and external.  

Now that you understand the origin of CGF, here are 4 notable benefits of Chlorella Growth Factor and how to get it. 

4 Benefits of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) 

Chlorella growth factor is a wonderful addition to your diet, for every stage of life! From teenage to old age, CGF is ready to support your overall wellness. As always, you should consult with a primary care physician before taking any new supplement, this is especially true for pregnant or nursing mothers, children, and those with high allergy sensitivities. Here are the top four benefits CGF may have on a person's health:  

1. Increased Energy Levels 

Scientifically, RNA and DNA are responsible for the production of proteins, enzymes and energy at the cellular level. CGF can increase energy levels through its nucleic acid content. It’s believed that this promotes an increase in energy because when the body is receiving and absorbing nucleic acid from an external food source, it reduces the amount of work your body must do internally to synthesize RNA and DNA. This results in your body having to do less work while leaving more energy stored for your body to use throughout the day.

2. Supports Healthy Aging 

As we’ve briefly touched on, RNA and DNA are produced by the body for cellular renewal. Because CGF contains a concentration of nucleic acids, you receive RNA and DNA, even when your body is slowing down production. By receiving nucleic acid from Chlorella Growth Factor, the body receives energy and support for cellular regeneration. After taking CGF over time, it can help support your cellular regeneration process and support healthy aging.

3. Tissue Repair Post Workouts 

Athletes, this one’s for you. 

The nucleic acid in CGF may help reduce the amount of recovery time between your workouts by aiding in the tissue repair process. 

CGF can also help balance the inflammatory response that we experience from exercising and working out. Sun Chlorella Powder is the only chlorella currently NSF certified for sport®  and Sun Chlorella tablets are Informed Choice Certified! 

4. Boosts Immune System Health 

CGF has the ability to support the immune system due to its ability to stimulate certain cells to protect themselves.

CGF is also known to support cell growth and repair, which contributes to your immune system health. 

But How Do I Get Chlorella Growth Factor? 

You can get CGF simply by taking high-quality chlorella. But in order to get the maximum benefits of CGF, you’ll want to be sure to take it in its own concentrated nutritional supplement. Sun Wakasa Gold Plus has been carefully formulated to provide your body with an amazing concentration of CGF. 

We recommend pairing Sun Wakasa Gold Plus with Sun Chlorella in either tablet or powder form to obtain the full range of nutrients and health benefits that chlorella provides. This is because although Sun Wakasa Gold Plus is concentrated in CGF and thus supports cellular health, CGF does NOT contain the other advantageous nutrients found in chlorella. Adding chlorella tablets or powder alongside your Sun Wakasa Gold Plus will add nutrients such as chlorophyll, Active B12 and much more to your regime! Most find that taking Sun Chlorella tablets or powder every day and taking Sun Wakasa Gold Plus every 1 to 3 days as part of their health routine has significantly helped them. 

Why Choose Sun Chlorella? 

In its natural form, chlorella has difficulty being digested by the human body and so all chlorella should be processed to get through the tough cell wall. A cracked or broken cell wall chlorella offers some digestibility but for the maximum absorption to benefit from all that chlorella has to offer, a pulverized cell wall chlorella is best.  As a pioneer in the chlorella market, the Sun Chlorella brand offers a pulverized cell wall chlorella making Sun Chlorella the most digestible chlorella on the market. Feel the Sun Chlorella difference! 

Chlorella Growth Factor Takeaways 

Chlorella Growth Factor is a component found in chlorella algae. It contains the nucleic acids DNA and RNA. CGF supports cellular health, increases energy, promotes healthy aging, supports immune health and more. Concentrated CGF and chlorella supplements each offer different health benefits, and both can be taken together for maximum results.   

Choose the Sun Chlorella brand for your chlorella supplements as Sun Chlorella offers the most digestible chlorella on the market since 1969. 

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