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Organic Sun Eleuthero® is made from an adaptogenic herb, Eleutherococcus senticosus, which can help your body adapt to changes in the environment. Changes, stimuli and events all around us cause our internal systems to react, affecting everything from clarity of thought and mood, to your desire to eat.  These herbs are thought to help you deal with stress more effectively helping your body defend against the toll stress can take.  Research indicates that eleuthero works with your central nervous and hormonal systems to moderate how your body responds when you feel tense and anxious1.*                                 

I start every day with my Sun Eleuthero. I feel great and now I share it with everyone". 

Tablets, Tea and Extract

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Sun Eleuthero 200mg Tablets
240 tablets
12 tablets per serving
$36.25 (20-day supply)

Sun Eleuthero 200mg Tablets
1200 tablets
12 tablets per serving
$135.50 (100-day supply)

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Sun Eleuthero Extract
33.8 fl. oz/1 ltr
1 fl oz. per serving
$178.95 (1-month supply)

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Infuse Your Mood Tea
20 tea bags
1 tea bag per serving
$8.95 (20 servings)

Eleuthero helps your body handle stress

Like chlorella, eleuthero also has a good track record when it comes to immune health. It’s been shown to help your body keep immune cell numbers at peak levels and keep your immune system strong and balanced overall.*

A well-studied herb with real impact 

Eleutherococcus Senticosus, native to Northeastern Asia

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, findings suggests eleuthero also can change how your heart responds to stress. When participants in this study took a stress test, the heart rate of the group of participants who took eleuthero was on average 40% lower than the heart rate of the ones who didn't take eleuthero2.*  

Traditional Chinese herbalists have long valued eleuthero for supporting “qi” ( pronounced: "chee"  ) or the life force in the body. In the 1950s and '60s, it made a splash in the nutrition world when Soviet athletes, miners, sailors, divers and cosmonauts swore that taking eleuthero helped their endurance3. *

Studies have also suggested that eleuthero can affect fatigue in humans as well. For example, Chinese researchers demonstrated that by taking 800 milligrams of eleuthero daily, cyclists were able to increase their body's maximum oxygen intake and endurance4. *

Other studies showed that eleuthero helped increase the amount of a special molecule called Hsp72. Hsp72 is known as a chaperone molecule since it does such a good job in preventing cell damage caused specifically by stress5. *

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