Chlorella While Pregnant

By Marisela Corrado

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Can I Take Chlorella While I’m Pregnant?

Absolutely. Chlorella is a green fresh water algae superfood often taken as a supplement to provide additional nutrients to the body, and it’s a great addition to your diet when pregnant. Chlorella contains chlorophyll, protein, Vitamins A , D and C, folate, active B12, and iron. Chlorella also acts as a detox agent, binding with heavy metals and helps carry them outside the body. 


Chlorella is a great digestive aid. It may help prevent constipation, bloating and stomach cramps, which are common occurrences for pregnant women. Chlorella contains prebiotics. As you may know, prebiotics (healthy bacterial) are highly effective in improving digestive health. Chlorella provides your intestines with a much needed healthy bacterial and nutritional boost, allowing digestion to run more quickly and smoothly. 


Keeping your cholesterol in check while pregnant is very important. There are multiple studies that show adding chlorella to your diet may support normal cholesterol levels. The fiber content of chlorella, and vitamin A and B help to actively fight to lower your bad cholesterol levels. 

The cholesterol is cleared from your digestive tract, and reabsorption in the digestive tract is prevented as it passes through the body. 

Blood Sugar Levels

Chlorella has also been shown to support normal blood sugar levels. A rising concern among doctors today is the amount of women getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Besides the possible complications that gestational diabetes presents to the child, it can also later affect the mother and become full fledged diabetes. 

As cholesterol levels lower, your blood sugar levels may also go down. It also helps support your body work with the natural insulin it produces. 

Blood Pressure

Chlorella helps support normal blood pressure levels. One of the reasons why chlorella is so effective in reducing blood pressure is that it reduces stiffness in the arteries. Chlorella also contains antioxidants, including carotenoids and lutein, and is involved in aorta collagen and elastin metabolism.


Chlorella has rich nutritional value, causing a lot of people to label it a superfood and is often referred to as the king of superfoods . Your body relies heavily on protein to create hair and nails, build and repair tissues, and make hormones and enzymes. Protein also is essential to the creation of blood, skin, muscles, cartilage, and bones. Your body doesn’t store protein (like it does fats), so we constantly need a good source of protein in our diets. 

During pregnancy, it’s vital for women to get an even greater amount of protein than normal. Being pregnant puts a lot of physical strain on the body, as well as pull a high amount of nutrients from the mother to the baby. The protein that builds your body (and your baby’s body) are in much greater demand. This increased need for a good quality source of protein leaves a lot of pregnant women unsure of where to turn to. Chlorella supplements may provide you and your baby the quality protein boost you need, as it is a complete protein. This means it contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs. Chlorella is about 50% protein by weight—more protein by weight than steak and chicken combined

Heavy Metals

Another big benefit of taking chlorella as a supplement is that chlorella supports body detoxification by removing dioxins (toxins) and heavy metals like mercury. Most of the time, the heavy metals we’re exposed to are through drinking water, food, or other sources that aren’t enough to be concerning. 

Dioxins and heavy metals have been linked to reproductive and developmental problems, autoimmune disorders, hormone disruption, and reduced breast milk production. Chlorella may help reduce the amounts of dioxins in the mother’s body, and may also help prevent the transfer of heavy metals and dioxins to the baby. 

Immune System Boost

In addition to help decreasing the heavy metals and dioxins that can cause immune system disorders, chlorella has been shown to give an added boost to the immune system by increasing the number of immune cells and helping increase interferon, a powerful immune chemical. Chlorella also has anti-inflammatory properties that help boost immunity and help your body become resistant to infection. Additionally, nursing mothers who take chlorella have increased levels of Immunoglobulin A in their breast milk, an important antibody that plays a crucial role in immune function. 

Don’t Forget to Check

It’s always important to talk to your doctor before beginning any new supplement or diet. While chlorella hasn’t been shown to provide any added risk, it’s important to check with a doctor.