Superfood Challenge

Neutralize Your pH Balance With Superfood

Superfood ChallengeTake the Superfood Challenge for 20 days. 20 days that can change your life.

Scientifically measure the benefits that superfood can bring to your body and your health. Get into the habit of incorporating nutrient-rich, protein-packed superfood into your daily meals and start feeling the difference.

During the challenge, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.

The Superfood Challenge


  • 20 Day Supply of Sun Chlorella
  • The Superfood Life Diet Book
  • The Get Balanced Test Kit

Try Sun Chlorella for 20 days and feel your body start to change. When you sign up for the Superfood Challenge, you will automatically be enrolled in our Nutritional Coach program. This program gives you access to your own personal website where you can ask questions and get helpful information during the Superfood Challenge. In addition, you will get the Superfood Life Diet booklet and the Get Balanced Test Kit FREE with the Superfood Challenge.

The Superfood Life Diet

While on the trial, we have a number of suggestions that will help you optimize the cleansing process and maximize the benefits of Sun Chlorella. You’ll receive The Superfood Life Diet booklet free with your product trial.

Get Balanced

One of the many benefits of Sun Chlorella is its ability to help optimize your pH balance. As part of the Superfood Challenge, we will send you a free pH test kit, so you can track the effects that Sun Chlorella has on your body’s pH.

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