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                  Sun Chlorella Cream - 1.58 oz

                  Soft, dewy- looking skin are just some of the many benefits that may come from Sun Chlorella Cream.*

                  Sun Chlorella Cream contains 20% CGF, an ingredient like no other that helps to even out skin tone. Sun Chlorella Cream® combines CGF with other ingredients like clove and grapefruit seed extract to promote healthy-looking skin. 

                  Apply powerful support with Sun Chlorella Cream! 


                  Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
                  Moisture retention 
                  Even out skin tone
                  Soft, supple skin

                  With a dewy glow finish, Sun Chlorella Cream is suitable for all skin types and for use all year-round. 

                  No parabens or sulfates, just powerful ingredients. 

                  If you take Sun Chlorella® as a supplement, adding Sun Chlorella Cream® to your regimen takes your skin care to a new level of beauty!
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                  Dermatologist Recommend 

                  “Sun Chlorella Cream®, with its CGF

                  content, has an amazing ability to

                   nourish the skin.”

                  Dr. Andrew Racette,

                  Board Certified Dermatologist

                  Omni Dermatology, Phoenix, Arizona 

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