SUN CHLORELLA POWDER - 1,000G (1 KG/2.18 lbs)

SUN CHLORELLA POWDER - 1,000G (1 KG/2.18 lbs)

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Sun Chlorella Powder (2.18 lbs/1kg)

Chlorella has been shown to be a naturally powerful detoxifying (chelating) agent. The chlorophyll within chlorella plant helps to remove toxins, heavy metals and free radicals from the body, which hinder our ability to thrive at the cellular level and may cause other serious health problems. With our proprietary harvesting process, Sun Chlorella offers the most bio-available chlorella in the World.  

Chlorella also is an abundant source of the vitamins A, B6, Active B12, and D as well as a variety of minerals including Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which is found in Chlorella, is rich in nucleic acids, the drivers of cell growth, protein synthesis and repair. Order today.

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