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    Sun Chlorella Powder Packets (30 ct) Plus FREE: Energy The Easy Way, Life Diet Book and The Amazing Superfood

    Take Sun Chlorella Powder to help support your entire body, especially your gut and immune health*, with the king of superfoods: chlorella. 

    Sun Chlorella Powder is easily incorporated into any drink, meal or recipe. Plus, it contains double the chlorella (6g) per serving compared to our Sun Chlorella tablets (3g), making it an ideal source for your nutrient needs.

    Our Sun Chlorella Powder is also NSF Certified for Sport®, and each serving of Sun Chlorella Powder is individually packaged so you can easily take health with you on-the-go! 


    Chlorella is a single-celled, freshwater green algae often referred to as The King of Superfoods! Sun Chlorella Powder is packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals,  antioxidants, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), and more chlorophyll per serving than alfalfa, wheatgrass, spirulina.


    Supports your body’s natural defense system*
    May support your body’s natural purification process*
    May support digestive system*
    Boosts your energy level


    • Active B12: One of the only known plant sources of bio-available B12– Vegans and vegetarians rejoice! 

    • Chlorophyll: More chlorophyll than any food on earth. One serving of chlorella powder (6 g) contains an equivalent amount of chlorophyll as about 2-2.5 cups of spinach or kale.

    • Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF): Only found in chlorella, CGF  helps support your body’s cellular repair and revitalization process*. Because cells are the foundation for all of your body’s functions and needs, you are only as healthy as your cells are!

    • Best-selling supplement: Chlorella is one of the best-selling health supplements in Japan.

    • + MORE!

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