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Chlorella in the Kitchen

8” W x 10” H full color book (74 pages)

Special Price: $19.95

Chlorella in the Kitchen

Adding chlorella to your daily routine just got easier (and even more delicious)!

Introducing Chlorella in the Kitchen, an exclusive raw food chlorella cookbook that conveniently incorporates the health benefits of chlorella into juices, smoothies, raw soups, noodle dishes and desserts.

Chlorella in the Kitchen is the ultimate recipe book for anyone looking to enhance the nutritional content of their meals and improve their overall health.

As a unique single celled green algae, chlorella provides a wide variety of nutrients to the body such as nucleic acids, amino acids, fiber, essential fatty acids, beta glucans and active B vitamins. All of these nutrients help the body receive steady energy, cellular renewal and repair, digestive support, natural detoxification and immune system support.

What you may not know about this amazing green superfood is that it best delivers all of its nutrition to the body when used in raw food dishes.

As a versatile ingredient, chlorella can be incorporated into cooked recipes, but heating it above 118 degrees F may compromise some of its powerful health benefits. By adding chlorella to raw food recipes, its powerful nutrients stay intact and allow you to receive every health benefit with each bite.

With raw food recipes such as Beet Ravioli, Carpe Caesar Salad and Chlorella Lime Pie, Chlorella in the Kitchen guarantees that both your taste buds and cells will rejoice.

Chlorella in the Kitchen features over 25 brand new raw chlorella recipes to ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy. All recipes are gluten, soy, refined sugar and dairy free.