Making Sun Chlorella Is More Than Just A Manufacturing Job – It's Part Of A Larger Mission

Did you ever wonder how superfood is made? As one of the oldest manufacturers of one of the planet's premier superfoods, chlorella, we've got quite a bit of experience in this.

But before we get into the details, let us explain one important thing:  Making Sun Chlorella is more than just a simple manufacturing job...

See, our company vision is built around the understanding that chlorella can transform lives. And we take this larger vision very seriously. Because of this our manufacturing process had been developed (and continues to be refined) through a vision of excellence. We always seek to do better . . . and we put your health and satisfaction above all else. We take particular care in using the best manufacturing techniques, equipment and protocols to

  • Minimize the nutritional losses; and
  • Maximize the gains in order to give you the best nourishment from chlorella possible.

The way we grow, harvest and process chlorella ensures that you get the most out of this green nutritional jewel. That's the larger vision – now let us walk you through how it's done step by step

Making Sun Chlorella Step #1: Cultivation In Carefully Tended Emerald Pools

Imagine yourself standing beside a large, dark emerald green pool. Tropical air warms your skin. Here's where our journey starts, at our chlorella cultivation pools in Taiwan, 2100 miles away from the processing plants in Japan. Taiwan's balmy climate provides optimum conditions for growing chlorella.

As you look around, these magnificent circular pools spread out over several acres. By growing the chlorella outside and constantly circulating the culture with giant mixers, we make sure it gets its most important "nutrient"... Sunlight.

See, chlorella's unique chlorella growth factor (CGF) is produced during the most intense periods of photosynthesis. The more sunlight the chlorella is exposed to, the more CGF in each chlorella cell.

Making Sun Chlorella Step #2: Feeding Chlorella Right So It Can Feed You Right

As any good farmer knows, food is only as good as the soil you grow it in. Studies dating back to the 1940's demonstrate chlorella's nutrition and vitality depends directly on its growing medium. So we start off with the purest, filtered water from 9000-foot mountains. And to help the culture grow properly, the water is mixed with a carefully calibrated mixture of naturally sourced minerals.

Making Sun Chlorella Step #3: Ensuring Purity

When the culture concentration has reached high enough levels, it's harvested. Filtered, washed and centrifuged several times to free it of any foreign contaminants, the chlorella is then tested for purity. Once purity's verified, it's ready to be concentrated.

Making Sun Chlorella Step #4: Unlocking The Green Jewel For Better Bioavailability

Chlorella's cell wall poses a special challenge. It's so strong our digestive system cannot break through it very easily. Manufacturers have tried to solve this problem with heat, chemicals and enzymes. While some of these methods break down the cell walls, they also destroy chlorella's rich nutrients or add contaminants to this wholesome food.

However, Sun Chlorella's DYNO®-Mill process leaves chlorella's nutrition intact. It moves chlorella cells from high to low pressure causing them to burst and release their contents. No heat. No chemicals. No enzymes. The result? Pure, highly nutritious chlorella that is 95-99% digestible. No other manufacturer uses this patented technology, giving you access to chlorella's full, unadulterated nutrition.

Making Sun Chlorella Step #5: Sterilizing And Drying To Preserve The Harvest

The chlorella is then steam-sterilized and spray-dried to preserve it in its raw state, ensuring its nutrition will stay intact for years. Pure of contaminants, processed for easy digestion and dried carefully to preserve its nourishing assets, chlorella is now ready to be made into Sun Chlorella's products. It's then shipped to our facilities in the Japanese city of Otsu about 8 miles outside of Kyoto.

The Final Steps Of Making Sun Chlorella Ensure Exceptional Quality And Safety

Many manufacturers make tablets with binders and fillers to bulk up ingredients and make them stick together. They may even add a protective coating. At Sun Chlorella we know you only want chlorella. So instead of chemical additions – or even heat, which destroys nutrients – we use pressure.

High-pressure presses shape the chlorella powder into the tiny green tablets you find in each package. To further protect this delicate cargo from disintegration, we package them in specially designed foil packages and boxes.

We Go Beyond Established Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) In Making This Superfood

As you tour the gleaming manufacturing facilities, you'll notice that each step is carefully developed to bring out the best in chlorella. Each person takes care and pride in following the safety and quality protocols to the tee. When many supplement companies were scrambling to meet the FDA's new good manufacturing practices (GMP) requirements in 2009, we were already there. In fact we had even gone one step further, by adhering to pharmaceutical GMPs.

Every batch is checked at numerous points - from its raw state, to processing to packaging - for visual appearance and weight and tested for contamination. We also use third party testers to verify that we're on target. Only after each product run has gone through this regimen of inspection can it be packaged and sealed and sent to you. And even then, all products leaving Japan go through an additional screening and evaluation before export.

We Make Sun Chlorella With You In Mind

You may live thousands of miles away from where chlorella grows and the factories where it's turned into green tablets and energy-imbued drinks. But nonetheless, we consider you honored guests at our table. Like any host, we want to make sure you leave our table relaxed, contented and looking forward to the next time we share a meal together.

For this reason, as we've detailed here, we've put into place the best cultivation methods and manufacturing processes for chlorella. By doing this we can promise you nothing short of high-quality, safe and effective products.

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