Compare Chlorella Products Against Sun Chlorella

Chlorella alga has been here for billions of years, long before humans figured out how to process it and use it for good health.  Long before manufacturers like us . . . way before retail stores. Its core health benefits are timeless – ultimately something that no company can lay exclusive claim to.

But how it's grown and processed can make the difference in how much of its green goodness you can tap into.

And this is why Sun Chlorella is so exceptional. 

When you compare chlorella products, take these following 6 points into consideration. After assessing the options with these in mind, you'll find Sun Chlorella products are the only choice for your optimum health.

Chlorella Comparison #1: The Pyrenoidosa Difference

There are several species of chlorella. Chlorella vulgaris and chlorella pyrenoidosa are the most studied. They both give you excellent nutrition. However research comparing the two different species indicates that chlorella pyrenoidosa has higher concentration of some vitamins and amino acids, like choline. Chlorella pyrenoidosa also has a higher concentration of the unique chlorella growth factor (CGF). Many health experts from the late Bernard Jensen to Dr. Mark Drucker consider CGF to be the most phenomenal aspect of chlorella. It provides powerful support for tissue renewal and immune health.

Chlorella Comparison #2: The Cultivation Difference

In order to ensure cultivation purity, some manufacturers only grow chlorella in indoor tanks. However, while it's easier to maintain a consistent cultivation this way, you lose out on one of the most significant factors when it comes to chlorella's nutritional potency . . . Sunlight.  Chlorella's most significant nutritional attribute, CGF is produced during intense photosynthesis. By cultivating chlorella outdoors, we make sure it gets all the sun it can get. And consequently, we can ensure a higher concentration of CGF.

Fed by pure mountain water, our chlorella is cultivated in large concrete ponds. And to ensure purity and maintain quality, these chlorella cultures are carefully monitored during cultivation and after harvest.

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Chlorella Comparison #3: The Grade 

We go by the highest standards when making Sun Chlorella. And this starts with the grade of chlorella we use.  After cultivation, the harvested chlorella is purified and sorted according to quality. All Sun Chlorella products use grade A chlorella, the highest grade of chlorella available. 

Chlorella Comparison #4: The DYNO-Mill Difference

Chlorella has outstanding nutrition. But if you can't break through it's tough cell wall, you can't get to it. A number of different methods have been developed for breaking up chlorella's cell wall.  However, none of them compare with the thoroughness of the DYNO-Mill® process.

And unlike the other chlorella milling processes, this proprietary method does not use heat, chemicals or enzymes - only simple pressure differences. DYNO-Mill processing allows you to access chlorella's nourishment in its purest and most nutritious form.
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Chlorella Comparison #5: The Tableting Difference

It's the little details that can make the big differences. You probably don't think too much about how tablets are made. But we do. Many manufacturers use binders, fillers and coatings to keep tablets whole. We couldn't abide by this – nothing should contaminate the pure goodness of chlorella. That’s why we make our chlorella tablets using extremely high pressure – and nothing else. By combining this with the special foil and solid cardboard box packaging, we're able to deliver 100% pure chlorella tablets to you.

Chlorella Comparison #6: The Sun Chlorella Difference

You've just found out about 5 significant qualities that go into making Sun Chlorella better than any other chlorella product out there. Use these pointers when comparing chlorella products. You'll understand why Sun Chlorella is the choice of millions of people and thousands of health experts. But these 5 points of comparison are part of something bigger – a company vision and a commitment to excellence.

This commitment to quality goes back to Sun Chlorella's company history . . .  More than half a century ago, a young Japanese man, Hideo Nakayama beat every doctor's dire prediction. With the help of chlorella, he regained his life.  Grateful for how it helped him, Mr. Nakayama was determined to share this tiny green lifesaver with the world.  Right from the beginning, Sun Chlorella's founder made quality and service company priorities. 

Following the principles established by Mr. Nakayama, no effort has been spared to make sure that nature's hard work producing chlorella is only enhanced, not marred, by the processing steps that follow. We are constantly seeking to improve our manufacturing process, develop our products further and satisfy our customers more. This is what underlies the Sun Chlorella difference – We are committed to your health and happiness.

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