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Stress-Relieving Eleuthero Ginger Iced Tea

Combat the stress of heat, activity, and fatigue with a delicious, ice-cold eleuthero ginger iced tea.

By Sarah Clachar

This eleuthero ginger iced tea helps you combat the stress of heat, activity and fatigue.

 Imagine a drink that not only refreshes you, but may also help your body manage the stress of heat, daily activity and fatigue. Made with eleuthero and ginger, this stress-relieving eleuthero ginger iced tea gives you some of the best things nature has to offer, helping you feel renewed, calm, yet alert.

Eleuthero: Known as the “King of Adaptogens,” eleuthero may restore energy and help the body adapt to stress. Research involving professional athletes, astronauts and other professions demonstrates that eleuthero helps increase your energy and mental sharpness so you can get more done—even the most challenging work.(1) 

Ginger: Ginger also has a long, admirable history in herbal tradition. It may help with nausea to blood pressure, to even weight loss and arthritic pain.(2) It’s a well-known herb that potentiates, harmonizes and improves the deep circulation of other herbs.(3) Or, in other words, ginger may help eleuthero’s rejuvenating power spread more effectively throughout your body. 

Keep calm, and carry on!

Eleuthero ginger iced tea uses Infuse Your Mood eleuthero tea bags to help you find a sense of calm.

Yield: 1 quart



  1. Put the grated ginger in a pot with 1 quart water. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to a simmer for half an hour or more. The longer you gently simmer the ginger, the more you’ll extract its goodness.

  2. Remove the pot from heat and add the Infuse Your Mood® tea bags , and steep for 10 minutes.

  3. Remove tea bags and add ice. Add lemon, if desired. Enjoy!

Note: The tea has a unique and subtle woodsy sweetness from the herbs alone. Add lemon to taste, if desired.


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This ginger iced tea uses eleuthero, an adaptogen that can help your body better respond to stress.

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