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Futoshi Nakayama, President & CEOSun Chlorella’s story starts with one man’s story of survival against all odds. Founder Hideo Nakayama used the nutritional power of chlorella to regain his health and live a good long life of 85 years. This is despite his doctor’s warning that he wouldn’t live past 60.

You can read his story as part of the company history

Since our Japan headquarters founding in 1969, and the U.S. Operations inception in 1982, Sun Chlorella has had a simple mission – to bring the life-affirming, nourishing nutrition of chlorella to as many people as possible.

More and more, the medical profession is discovering that nothing can replace good nutrition. As pioneering nutritionist and chlorella researcher, Dr. Bernard Jensen wrote in his book, Chlorella: Gem of the Orient,

"I believe that we are always working our way either toward health or toward disease by what we do with our bodies (and minds) and by what we put into them. There is no middle ground. If we aren’t building ourselves up, we are tearing ourselves down. If you aren’t living right, doctors will soon be making their living from your way of living."

- Dr. Bernard Jensen, Chlorella: Gem of the Orient

Our bodies depend on good nutrition to build tissue… manufacture hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes… and energize our metabolic processes.

When we take in poor nutrition, we cheat our bodies – and ourselves – from living a full life.

When we give ourselves the best nutrition nature offers, we give ourselves the capacity to live life at its fullest.


Chlorella Nourishes Life

As Mr. Nakayama pointed out,

"Health is not a ‘gift’. But something each person is responsible for through his or her daily effort."

Chlorella makes it easier to heed this advice. These tiny green algae offer one of the richest nutritional packages available on this earth. A nutrient-dense whole food, chlorella gives your body the nourishment it needs for strength and wellness.

In today’s world where conventional farming practices and food processing have depleted our food’s nutritional value…

Where our busy lives leave little time for careful, nurturing food preparation…

Chlorella fills a nutritional void.


A Pioneer In Making Top Quality Chlorella Available

Since 1969 Sun Chlorella headquarters in Japan has been making chlorella available as a nourishing whole food. Winner of many awards, including the highly competitive Monde Selection three years in a row, Sun Chlorella has led the supplement industry in innovation, attention to detail, quality and safety.

We see pursuit of excellence as an ongoing challenge – we know we can always find ways to do things better in order to give you a better experience with our products.

  • In 1976, with its special Dyno-Mill processing, Sun Chlorella pioneered a way to rupture the chlorella cell wall without chemicals or damaging heat. This process makes more of chlorella's nutrients available to you.
  • In the same year, Sun Chlorella pioneered the extraction and concentration of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), the unique collection of compounds in chlorella that helps your body repair and renew itself in minimal time.
  • In the mid-1980's, Sun Chlorella added eleuthero products to support the body in managing stress and maintaining energy.
  • In 2009, Sun Chlorella designed pet supplements to make easy-to-consume chlorella products available for our animal companions.
  • In 2010, Sun Chlorella introduced its special anti-aging skin care cream that uses chlorella's regenerative properties.

Every year, medical researchers work with Sun Chlorella to design and carry out studies that help us better understand chlorella's impact on our health.

Sun Chlorella USA, located in Torrance, California, is one of many corporate offices spread out worldwide. We continue our founder, Hideo Nakayama's, original company vision of supporting good health and full enjoyment of life by making chlorella available to people around the world.

We're so glad you found our website. You have just discovered one of the truly wholesome sources of excellent health.

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